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Issue 5460: Group headers and styles in Computed side panel are hard to distinguish
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Reported by, May 12, 2012
What should be implemented/improved?
Now that the styles inside the Computed side panel can have twisties they became harder to distinguish from the group headers.
Therefore either the background of the group headers should be made darker or the styles should be indented.

Test case:
1. Open Firebug on this page
2. Switch to the HTML panel and there to the Computed side panel
3. Make sure the panel option "Sort Alphabetically" is unchecked

=> The groups headers almost look like the styles.

Aug 1, 2012
Project Member #1
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Labels: -css
Feb 23, 2014
Project Member #2
As far as I can see this is already fixed in jsd2-branch, right?
--> Background is darker
--> styles do have an indent
Feb 24, 2014
Project Member #3
Agree. This was fixed in in relation to  issue 7091 .

Status: Commit
Labels: jsd2
Feb 24, 2014
Project Member #4
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Blocking: fbug:7091
Mar 26, 2014
Project Member #5
This issue has been fixed in Firebug 2.0

Please let us know how it works for you

Thanks for the help!


Status: Fixed
Labels: fixed-2.0-a1
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