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Issue 4524: Add "Add Watch" to DOM panel context menu
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Status:  Fixed
Closed:  Oct 2011

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Reported by, Jun 9, 2011
To be able to develop an enhancement we need

Live DOM Bookmarking Panes

I am requesting a few feature that will help RIA developers be more proficient at monitoring deep nodes for state changes.

My App is complex enough with rich interactions buried deep in nodes that sometimes are 50 layers away the <BODY>. Image a trying to monitor the DOM and its how its class changes trigger subsequent downwards down the DOM tree.

In my case my Dojo table is complex, its nested in a content, which is inside a BorderContainer, and that is inside a tabcontainer. I could keep going but thats only a partial hierarchy before I get to the <BODY>.

Firebug forces me to click and expand. Yes this works on some DOM nodes, but not all. Some are hidden, some prevent right click, some are not instantiated yet.


Every developer is going to love this feature that I think will advance the ability to build complex RIAs. Imagine having a bookmark menu where you can configure an XPATH expression to get to the node of your choice..If you have the ability to open in a child window, or new pane, you could "watch" different parts of the live DOM tree. I often have to debug complex actions and do not care to see the tree hierarchy above my node of interest -- its just noise. So bookmarking would set a special view to start just at that node and its descendants - to avoid distraction. Since CSS only scans "down the tree" it makes sense.

Live DOM bookmarking with XPATH notation sets developers free from manually clicking down a hierarchy to get to a specific node. 

Going a step further, you could set up special events when a DOM NODE class is changed directly or indirectly by upstream CSS change events.

* a DETAILED DESCRIPTION of how you imagine the changes and
* a TEST CASE (no matter how trivial).

Please don't enter an issue without these items!
If you don't provide them, we'll ask for them. If you can't give a
test case, ask for help on the newsgroup at
If possible, please copy the instructions into your test case page and add
the issue number to the file name, e. g.  issue25 .html.

What should be implemented/improved?

Make sure you have the latest version of Firebug (currently 1.7).
Which browser (incl. version)?
On which operating system?

Jun 10, 2011
Good idea, though I think we already offer what you are asking for.
Note, we already have a Watch side panel inside the Script panel, that is doing what you are asking for. Your use case would be to manually add a watch expression using the "New watch expression..." field. This expression takes a normal JavaScript expression, it is also possible to add an XPath expression here by using the $x() function described at

What I am seeing here as possible improvement is a "Add Watch" option inside context menu of the DOM panel.
Status: NeedInfo
Labels: Type-Enhancement watch
Jun 11, 2011
Project Member #2
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Sep 12, 2011
Since there's no feedback, I will changed the title to reflect the new target of this issue.

Test case:
1. Open Firebug on this page
2. Switch to the DOM panel
3. Expand the tree at _d > closed > 0
4. Right-click on "doc" and choose the (currently not existing) option "Add Watch"

=> The "doc" variable should be set as watched variable inside the Watch side panel
Summary: Add "Add Watch" to DOM panel context menu
Status: Triaged
Labels: dom Test-case-available
Oct 5, 2011
Project Member #4
I have committed a patch for  issue 4862  that should also solve this issue
see my comment:


Please verify, thanks!

Status: Commit
Oct 21, 2011
Project Member #5
This issue (one of 25) has been fixed in Firebug 1.9a4

Please verify it and let us know whether it works for you.


Status: Fixed
Labels: fixed-1.9a4
Oct 21, 2011
Project Member #6
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Labels: -fixed-1.9a4 fixed-1.9-a4
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