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Issue 4437: FBTest needs possibility to skip currently executed test
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Reported by, May 17, 2011
While running all tests inside the Test Console having the option "No Timeout" enabled I realized, that some tests just hang and there's no possibility to stop the execution and just skip them.
"Disable Test" also doesn't help here, because when a test is already started, you can't disable it anymore.
May 17, 2011
Project Member #1
The "No Timeout" option is designated for debugging a test (so it doesn't fail on timeout while you are on a breakpoint). Why would you want to use it for running all tests?

May 17, 2011
When I run the test suite, there are some tests, that are having timeouts.
May 18, 2011
Project Member #3
Yes, test typically wait for some expected change in the Firebug UI. For instance, wait for a break in debugger, wait for a log in the console panel, wait for a request-entry in the Net panel, etc. If the change doesn't occur == there is a bug in Firebug.

Having tests with timeouts is expected behavior in case of Firebug bugs. So, you shouldn't check "No Timeout" when running entire test suite.

Perhaps we should change the label so, it's clear what the "No Timeout" is designed for?


May 18, 2011
I understand that behavior.
The problem is, if you check "No Timeout" and a test waits for a specific action, you don't get any hint, that it's not continuing and why.
And my first idea here was: I want to skip that test. If the user needs to take action at some tests, he needs to get noticed about what he has to do exactly.
Though I stay at point, that the user should always have the possibility to skip a test.
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