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Issue 4243: Optimize the inspector by adding this.inspectTimeout to Inspector.highlightObject()
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Status:  Triaged
Owner:  ----
Cc:  sroussey,

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Project Member Reported by, Mar 20, 2011
We should optimize the inspector by adding this.inspectTimeout to Inspector.highlightObject(). This will allow us to prevent flicker when panel objects are moused over.

1. Go to a page with a lot of links
2. Go to the console and enter document.getElementsByTagName("a")
3. Move the mouse quickly from one link to the other

You will see that as the mouse moves over the space between links all links on the page will be highlighted. Rapidly moving across the space should not do this and can be prevented using this.inspectTimeout.
Mar 20, 2011
Project Member #1 sroussey
Yes, exactly!
Cc: sroussey
May 21, 2012
Project Member #2
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Owner: ---
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