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Issue 4089: Option to turn off the status bar icon
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Reported by, Feb 15, 2011
As suggested on firebug blog:

Please provide an option to turn off the "status bar icon".
It seems to be the case that most add-ons are providing drag-and-drop buttons (as you have done with this release of Firebug) which can be placed in the add-ons bar and, importantly, rearranged.
Currently the Firebug status bar icon is always visible in the add-ons bar and cannot be moved or removed.

Which version of Firebug? (more specific than 'latest' please): 1.7X.0a10
Which browser? Firefox
Which browser version? 4.0b11
On which operating system? Windows 7
Feb 15, 2011
Project Member #1
John, I think the old status bar icon should not be available in the status bar at all. Instead, users should use the toolbar button and append it either into the toolbar or status bar.

I know you want to have the status bar icon there at least till users are retrained.

So, for now we could create an option that hides the status bar icon so, experienced users can use the toolbar button everywhere already (and not having the button twice in the status bar).

But options are evil, what do you think?

Status: Triaged
Owner: odvarko
Labels: ui 1.7 Type-Enhancement
Feb 15, 2011
Project Member #2
First we need to get the toolbar button to work.  

I really believe the option to move the button is a mistake. Only a few vocal users will ever use it and it will cause us a lot of grief. However I can see that the vocal minority will win. Therefore I think we should cave-in to the "let's look just like Chrome" crowd and move the toolbar button up to the top. It's a design mistake for our users but Firefox does not seem to be interested in usability.

But we can only take this step after the toolbar button is fully functional on all platforms. Until then we should only have the status bar button.
Summary: Option to turn off the status bar icon
Feb 17, 2011
Firefox 4 by default hides the status bar and having an icon there forces the bar to show on every restart of the browser.

Personally I use firefox as my default browser and therefore would prefer the option to hide this icon.

I have attached a screenshot to demonstrate how useless this bar is now with firefox 4.
126 KB   View   Download
Feb 17, 2011
Project Member #4
Just update do Firebug 1.7a11.
Mar 22, 2011
I don't have a problem with the icon being in the status/add-on bar by default. But it shouldn't be unmovable and unremovable without getting rid of the status bar entirely (especially since the default icon doesn't have the left-click for context menu thing but the one you can drag on does.)
Mar 22, 2011
Project Member #6
This can be done in Firebug 1.8. 1.7 supports Firefox 3.6 and we need a transition period for users to give us feedback on the start button. I know a few people are wild crazy happy to not have a statusbar button, but lots and lots of Firebug users know Firebug by the status bar button. We need 1.7 to have the status bar button for 100% sure for these users.
Labels: blocks1.8
Apr 19, 2011
Thank you for considering this change. I'd like to add, that it's good for an add-on not to break a convention. The add-on bar is designed to be customizable so users can't choose which icons they want there and which they do not want there. Also how to arrange these icons is user's choice. 

The built-in FF4 add-on bar functionality allows user to re-arrange icons among add-on bar, navigation tool bar and custom tool bars, etc. I think it would be nice if firebug could support this as many other add-ons support this, and let user choose what tool bar the icon is displayed on, and in what position, using the same built-in customization interface.
Apr 20, 2011
Project Member #8
Patch committed at R10127

- there is a new preference: extensions.firebug.showStatusIcon [false by default]
- if set to false, the status bar icon is not there

This is big change and so I think that the sooner in the alpha phase we introduce it the better.


Status: Commit
Apr 20, 2011
It would be good if it's not just ability to show/hide the icon, but to use FF built-in toolbar customize mechanism to be able to show and hide it (as opposed to preference) and also to place it at user defined location.
Apr 20, 2011
I agree - it should make full use of Firefox's toolbar customization.
Apr 20, 2011
Project Member #11
Re comment #9: this already works. You can use the Customize Toolbar dialog to place the Firebug start button into the addon bar and so - have the good old icon at the bottom again.

Apr 20, 2011
(No comment was entered for this change.)
Apr 20, 2011
Project Member #13
(No comment was entered for this change.)
Labels: release-note-wanted
Apr 22, 2011
Project Member #14
This is one of 25 issues that have been fixed in Firefox 1.8a2

Please try it and let us know if it works for you.

Thanks for the help!
Status: Fixed
Labels: fixed1.8a2
Apr 22, 2011
The fix does not seem to have worked
1) thed default for extensions.firebug.showStatusIcon is reported by about:config to be true by default, not false as indicated above 
2) Regardless of extensions.firebug.showStatusIcon the firebug icon does NOT appear in the Customize Toolbar dialogue and is not dragable, so problem is still there
Apr 22, 2011
Project Member #16
I reset the default extensions.firebug.showStatusIcon to true so FBTest would pass. I think Honza just missed/forgot about it.

It looks like you have to 
1) set the value false
2) restart

We'll have to try again.
Status: Triaged
Apr 22, 2011
I did change the value and restarted before posting my feedback. No firebug icon in the Customize Toolbar dialogue. However there is "Inspect" icon there. Thank you.
Apr 24, 2011
Project Member #18
> No firebug icon in the Customize Toolbar dialogue.
The icon is probably on your toolbar. In order to place it into the status bar, you need to open the Customize toolbar dialog and drag the icon from the toolbar on to the status bar


Apr 25, 2011
You are right. Thank you and sorry about that.
Apr 26, 2011
Project Member #20
Another patch committed at R10204, all green.
Status: Commit
May 26, 2011
Project Member #21
This is one of 17 issues fixed in Firebug 1.8a3

Please try it and let us know whether it works for you.

Thanks for the help we appreciate that!

Status: Fixed
Labels: fixed1.8a3
May 26, 2011
Works on my end (Aurora +Win7)
May 26, 2011
Project Member #23
Thanks for the update!
Status: Verified
Oct 31, 2011
 Issue 4674  has been merged into this issue.
Jun 5, 2012
Project Member #25
(No comment was entered for this change.)
Labels: fixed-1.8-a2
Jun 5, 2012
Project Member #26
(No comment was entered for this change.)
Labels: fixed-1.8-a3
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