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Issue 3168: Guess the line number of persistent breakpoints
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Status:  Triaged
Owner:  ----

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Project Member Reported by, Jun 22, 2010
Currently persistent breakpoints can be set on the wrong line if the source changes. We should store the source line and if the text does not match, look around for it.

Also we should stay "not executable" instead of "undefined" for breakpoints on lines that are not executable.

Also need at test case for persistent breakpoints...
Oct 30, 2012
Project Member #1
Issue 4474 describes exact source matching for the case a script is called with different parameters.

To clarify what this issue is about:
The debugger should be smart enough to search around the line specified in breakpoints.json and try to match the source code the breakpoint was set for previously.

A similar request is described in issue 4474.

I created a test case for this:

Summary: Guess the line number of persistent breakpoints
Owner: ---
Labels: Test-case-available
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