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Issue 2794: Allow to pin the Box Model Highlighter
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Status:  Triaged
Owner:  ----
Cc:  kpdecker,

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Reported by, Feb 4, 2010
I'm hoping I'm putting this request in the right place...

I would love the ability to pin the hover state of an element... so when
you inspect a node and it gets highlighted, you see padding, margins and
size.... it would be great to hit a button then to pin this so when you
hover off it's still highlighted...

this is great for hidden elements as well... if they're being animated
while hidden etc...

nice to have
Feb 4, 2010
Project Member #1 kpdecker
This was implemented in Firebug 1.5 as part of  issue 1012 .

If you click on the options menu for the style panel you should have the option to 
enable or disable these psuedo-states.
Status: Duplicate
Labels: -Type-Defect Type-Enhancement css
Mergedinto: 1012
Feb 5, 2010
I don't see an option for this... I'm running the latest version...

What I'm looking for is to keep the shade box model on as if you were hovering over
an element while inspecting it... so then you can hover off adjust your css or run a
couple events and keep the element highlighted...

I don't believe this is implemented
Feb 5, 2010
Project Member #3 kpdecker
I thought you were talking about forcing the :hover pseudo class CSS, my apologies.

So this enhancement is to add an option to make the inspect highlight remain visible.
Status: Triaged
Cc: kpdecker
Labels: -css inspect Test-case-available
Mergedinto: -1012
May 27, 2010
Project Member #4
(No comment was entered for this change.)
Summary: Enhancement: Pin Hover state
May 29, 2010
Project Member #5
Unfortunately there is no test case here.
Labels: -Test-case-available Test-case-needed
Jan 11, 2011
Project Member #6
bartdabek, I am renaming this issue so that it is clearer what it is about ... I hope you don't mind.
Summary: Enhancement: Pin Box Model Highlighter
Oct 21, 2013
Project Member #7
(No comment was entered for this change.)
Summary: Allow to pin the Box Model Highlighter (was: Enhancement: Pin Box Model Highlighter)
Labels: 1.12.3
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