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Issue 2618: Request summary in Net panel just shown for the last request when 'Persist' is enabled
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Reported by, Dec 21, 2009
What steps will reproduce the problem?
1. Go to a website while having Firebug's net panel enabled and opened
2. Activate the 'Persist' option
3. Click on some links at the website to produce entries in the net panel
for the different requests.
4. The request summary (showing the number of requests, the total size and
time) is just shown for the last requested page.

What is the expected result? What do you see instead?
While having the 'Persist' option enabled a summary should be shown for
each requested page.

Which version of Firebug? 1.5X.0b8
Which version of Firefox? 3.5.6
On what operating system? Windows 7

1. Go to while having Firebug's net panel
enabled and opened
2. Activate the 'Persist' option
3. At the website click on 'Wiki', 'Issues' and 'Source' in sequence.
4. The request summary (showing the number of requests, the total size and
time) is just shown for the 'Source' page.
Dec 29, 2009
Project Member #1
I verified the test case.
Status: Triaged
Cc: odvarko
Labels: Type-Enhancement net 1.5 Test-case-available
Jan 4, 2010
Project Member #2
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Owner: odvarko
Cc: -odvarko
Jan 6, 2010
Project Member #3
Yeah, this was rather a feature ;-)

What would you expect to see in the summary?

- Request Count: I think this is obvious - total number of requests executed by all

- Total Size: this is probably also clear - total size of all response bodies downloaded.

- Time: this is the question. Currently the number says the time elapsed from the
start of the first request (usually the page request) to the end of the last finished
(downloaded) request. Should the total be just summary?

As far as the total time is concerned I would also display a "Load Time", i.e. when
the onLoad event was fired for the page, which is hard to sum up in case of more pages.

Also, if the summary shows data for all collected pages, the user looses the summary
for the last page. Not sure how to do the UI where there are two summaries and it's
still clear what it means...

Any tips?


Jan 6, 2010
@Honza: I would suggest to fold the last requested page like the previous ones. To
give each requested page a summary when expanding and additionally show a fix total
page request summary at the bottom of the net panel (maybe with different color and
wording, so that it's clear, that it's the summary of all page requests). I think the
last point is what you had in mind, no?
For the time I think a simple summary should be enough.
Jan 7, 2010
Project Member #5
(No comment was entered for this change.)
Labels: blocks1.6
Jun 16, 2010
Since this is just an enhancement I removed the "blocks1.6" label, though it would be great to see this in the next version of Firebug.

My idea of comment 4 in other words and more detailed:
- each page request can be folded, also the last one
- each page request has a summary at the bottom (or at the top) when expanded like it's currently shown for the last one
- total page request summary shown for all page requests
  - either fixed at the bottom of the Net Panel or at the end of all requests and if the height of all page requests is less than the height of the Net Panel, the summary will be shown at the bottom of the Net Panel (not hanging in the middle of the Net Panel)
  - it contains the number of page requests (reloading the page 3 times => 3 page requests) + the total number of requests (first page request 3 files, second 2 files => 5 requests), the total size of all response bodies + the total size of response bodies fetched from cache, total of all request times + average time for page requests (first page request took 2.0s, second 2.2s, third 1.9s => 6.1s in total, 2.03s in average) + onload event average (first page request triggered onload after 1.3s, second after 1.0, third after 1.2 => 1.17s in average) + (maybe) DOMContentLoaded event average

If screenshots are needed for clarification I can try to create some.
Labels: -blocks1.6
Dec 5, 2010
I created three mockups. The first one is an illustration of comment 6.
The second shows another idea of how to visualize several page requests, which would need bigger changes to the Net Panel UI than my first suggestion, but would result in a clearer display. Thereby each request is shown in a tab (having the cropped page title as tab title) like the different pieces of request info. The page request summary is shown at the top including the info described in comment 6 and its visibility could be toggled.
The third approach (my favorite) moves the page request summary to the bottom of the Net Panel. The header and the summary of each page request are part of the tab page, which makes the relation to the page request more obvious and seperates the page request summary from the request summary.
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Dec 5, 2010
Two more things to mention:
All three mockups are based on issue 2617 to be fixed first. This is actually not required, but would be beneficial for the UX.
The display of single page requests ('Persist' disabled) wouldn't need to be changed in any of the three cases.
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