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Issue 2392: Object in DOM tab doesn't refresh properly
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Status:  Fixed
Closed:  Oct 2009

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Reported by, Oct 16, 2009
To reproduce the problem:

In the console type:

>>> var X = {a: "hello", b: "world"}
>>> X
Object a=hello b=world 

# Click the link to DOM tab, it shows correct values
# Go back to the console, and type the following

>>> X['b'] = "changed"
>>> X
Object a=hello b=changed 

# Click the link to go to the DOM tab, the values on the DOM tab haven't

Basically, the DOM tab will still show the original object values instead
of the 'changed' ones. See the attached screenshot.

Firebug version: 1.4.3
Firefox Version: 3.5.3
OS: Windows XP SP2

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Oct 16, 2009
Project Member #1
Fixed at R4614 on branches/firebug1.5, for 1.5b1.

console.evaluate now invalidates html and dom panels.
There is a delay, but maybe only on my debug version.
Status: Commit
Labels: Type-Defect console Test-case-available 1.4
Oct 22, 2009
Project Member #2
This one of 28 issues fixed in Firebug 1.5b1. Please give it a try and let
us know.

(Apologies for any duplication).
Status: Fixed
Jun 5, 2012
Project Member #3
(No comment was entered for this change.)
Labels: fixed-1.5-b1
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