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Issue 2386: Text shadow on Firebug tabs
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Status:  Verified
Closed:  Dec 2009

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Reported by, Oct 14, 2009
Observe the text shadow on the tabs titles:

Which version of Firebug? (more specific than latest please): 1.5 a26
Which version of Firefox? Gecko/20091014 Namoroka/3.6b1pre
On what operating system? OS X 10.6
Oct 15, 2009
Project Member #1
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Labels: Type-Defect FF3.6 OpSys-OSX ui 1.5 Test-case-available
Oct 15, 2009
Just discovered that this is due to personas.  Switching back to the default theme
removes the text shadow, but firebug probably doesn't want to be affected by personas
like that.
Oct 20, 2009
Project Member #3 robmcampbell
hey jeff. Thanks for this. You're right, we probably don't want to be affected by
personas. :)
Status: Triaged
Oct 25, 2009
Project Member #4

On 15.10.2009 23:52, John J Barton wrote:
> Is it possible or desirable to prevent personas from styling addons?

Add text-shadow:none where you don't want to inherit text-shadow (probably the entire
Firebug pane).

Dec 2, 2009
Project Member #5
I was able to reproduce this also on Win Vista, but didn't test on Mac.
Patch committed at R5086

Will be in Firebug 1.5b6
Please verify

Thanks for the report!

Status: Commit
Owner: odvarko
Labels: -OpSys-OSX
Dec 7, 2009
Project Member #6
This is one of 26 issues fixed in Firebug 1.5b6.
Please try it and let us know if this issue is fixed for you.
Status: Fixed
Dec 8, 2009
#7 james.socol
Fixed for me in Firefox 3.6b4. I'm using the native Personas implementation, not the
Dec 8, 2009
#8 ryan.doherty
Works for me on nightlies with add-on installed.
Dec 9, 2009
Project Member #9
Thanks for the update!
Status: Verified
Jul 27, 2010
Seems there is an regression.
In Firefox 3.3.8 and firebug 1.6a18 using the persona fractal sad_13

My usual profile looks like:

Creating a new profile and installing only the persona and firebug (first 1.5.5 then 1.6x18):

Thus the issue doesn't seems to be related to any othe extensions I have.
Jul 27, 2010
Project Member #11
Regarding comment 10 please explain how to reproduce this problem. 
Jul 27, 2010
Steps to reproduce:

Start firefix in clean profile;
install firebug 1.6a18
install the persona fractal sad_13
restart firefox
activate firebug
Jul 27, 2010
Project Member #13
R7427 fixes this issue in a different way, 
/* Don't let Personas to destroy Firebug's CSS */

#fbContentBox *:-moz-lwtheme {
    text-shadow: none !important;
    color: black;

For 1.6b1
Jul 27, 2010
With the changes applied i still have blurred text in panels.
123 KB   View   Download
Jul 27, 2010
Project Member #15
Regarding comment 14, that's a bug in FF4.0, not this bug and not one Firebug can fix.  See
Jun 5, 2012
Project Member #16
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Labels: fixed-1.5-b6
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