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Issue 1714: Special HTTP headers for logging into the console
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Reported by, May 2, 2009
I would like firebug to handle special headers sent by http server, e.g:

console-log: something happened
console-error: something bad happened

just like it handles console.log and console.error

thank you
May 2, 2009
Project Member #1
Sounds neat. I wonder if there are any security issues?
Summary: Enhancement: copy special HTTP headers into Console
Cc: odvarko
Labels: Type-Enhancement console net 1.4
May 4, 2009
Project Member #2
I really like this idea. I don't see any security problems, but to make sure I have
asked here:

This could be implemented in similar manner as XHR Spy (perhaps HeaderSpy?). Also
there could be a new Console panel related option. 
Something like: "Show Server Logs"... ?

Owner: odvarko
Cc: -odvarko
May 4, 2009
Project Member #3
The other question is: does this overlap FirePHP; should this be a extension feature
rather than a core feature?
May 4, 2009
Project Member #4
I guess this is good question for Christoph Dorn. Some kind of core support could
make things easier for FirePHP - and perhaps other similar extensions (like
FireJava?) that are displaying server related logs. 

Hm, looks like I can't directly cc him here.

May 4, 2009
Project Member #5
There are a whole host of issues to consider once you open the door to such a feature
and they all factor into whether Firebug should support this directly or via an

I do think it makes sense for firebug to support this to some extent and I would be
happy to contribute the code for it. If you can bear with me for a few days/week I'll
write up a blog post summarizing what needs to be taken into account and what I would
like to see in Firebug in terms of initial support.
May 4, 2009
Project Member #6
Sounds great, thanks!
May 18, 2009
Project Member #8
I will not have the post done for another week or two. If you want to chat about it
sooner you can ping me on IRC.
Sep 30, 2009
So, has it been 2 weeks yet? ;)
Sep 30, 2009
Project Member #10
Hmm. Come and gone. I need to get FirePHP 1.0 and another project out before I can
spend any time on this. :(
Oct 9, 2009
Project Member #11
Honza, isn't this somehow related to the 
Intercept/modify a network request 
Oct 13, 2009
Project Member #12
I believe that some underlying APIs/Lib (mainly for dealing with request headers and
hooking event handlers) could be effectively shared. 

Otherwise, I am not sure how, from the user perspective, both things could be integrated.

Just to summarize to see the big picture.

1) Intercept/modify: this should allow breaking on request-send (using a breakpoint)
and modify request-headers. Sub task of this is a persistence allowing to apply
modifications more times automatically for requests to the same URL (issue 2348).

2) Processing Response Headers: this should allow to easily process specific/custom
headers sent by the server. An example of real-case scenario is using response
headers for server side logging into the Firebug Console.

I think, both should use APIs that are extensible and so, other extensions (like
FirePHP, FireJava, etc.) can utilize it and build further specialized set of features
on top of it.


Oct 13, 2009
Project Member #13
I think that is the right approach: A low-level API for dealing with headers.
Oct 16, 2011
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Status: Triaged
Apr 10, 2013
Project Member #15
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Summary: Special HTTP headers for logging into the console (was: Enhancement: copy special HTTP headers into Console)
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