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DatasourceSetup Set up and configure a datasource.   Datasource SQL MySQL Feb 2010  
DbSetup Setup the PEAR DB library.   DB Setup PEAR PHP Feb 2010  
DeveloperSetup Set up Eclipse for developing the project Feb 2010  
FBAthenaeumSetup Set up the Facebook Athenaeum Application   PHP MySQL Setup Feb 2010  
FacebookSetup How to set up a new Facebook Application.   Facebook Setup Feb 2010  
RoadMap Facebook Athenaeum roadmap. Feb 2010  
ServerSetup Guides you through setting up your server-side environment.   PHP Setup Feb 2010  
SmartySetup Set up the Smarty template engine.   PHP Smarty Setup Feb 2010  
XmlRssSetup Setup the PEAR XML_RSS library.   XML_RSS PEAR Setup PHP Feb 2010  
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