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I really love Ext but coding in javascript just gives me the chills. So I went out and found a way to use my favorite js library (Ext) and my favorite programming language (C#) at the same time. By using a project called Script# I am able to write C# code and have it converted into javascript, similar to GWT. Building on that, Script# also allows you to code against external APIs, but you need to create the types, methods, properties, etc. for everything in the javascript library. So what I did was write a little console app that parses all of the ExtJS source files extracting out the script comments and writing C# files for each class. The end result is a programmable C# API to access all of the Ext objects and I threw in a couple new things to make life a little easier.

This forum post has somewhat of a history of how this project began:

UPDATE 4/22/08

We have changed Ext# to now parse the newly released ExtJS 2.1 and we've begun recreating some of the samples using Ext#. The following Samples have been completed:

  • Grids
    • Basic Array Grid
    • Editable Grid
    • XML Grid
    • Paging Grid
    • Grouping Grid
  • Toolbars and Menus
    • Basic Toolbar
    • Ext Actions
  • Miscellaneous
    • Data View (partial)
    • Progress Bar
    • Templates
    • Panels
    • Resizable
A big thanks to consultutah for all of his help creating these samples. As well as to all of the Ext community for their help and suggestions.


Method Signatures with param info

Method Overloads for varying params

Compile-time error checking

Events list with usage info

Delegates for all events

Intellisense for config options

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