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About this software

ExtractItAll is a simple utility to unpack password encrypted archives using a password list. To unpack an archive drag'n'drop files to the winform and press the start button.

The application is written in c#. Special Thanks goes to SevenZipSharp Team for their 7z.dll wrapper. The task managing code is based on bulkextractor. Thanks to Igor Pavlov for 7-Zip



Finally I added x64 support.

  • added: support for x64 (7z64.dll)
  • updated: SevenZipSharp.dll to v0.64 (2010-08-26)
  • updated: 7z.dll to v9.20 (2010-11-18)
  • fixed: splitted rar files with > 99 parts were not accepted correctly
  • fixed: minor issues when checking for updates
  • fixed: context menu "Open containing directory" when path contains spaces


  • fixed: if volume is missing don't try other passwords
  • using better error messages


  • improved: password detection speedup -> extracting smallest file less than 5MB to verify password before full extraction is done / tried
  • improved: update check (if enabled) is done threaded on startup, to speedup startup of the app
  • fixed: crashing on an error in SevenZipSharp or corrupt archive


  • fixed: PasswordList needs to be sorted also after password counter has been increased
  • fixed: after extraction is finished or failed, the archive is released now properly and can be moved/deleted without closing ExtractItAll
  • fixed: subdir is cleaned by ".part1" if archive name contained it
  • added: context menu to task list
  • changed: refactored settings ui to it's own panel


  • .Net Framework 3.5 is now a requirement
  • Completely moved to SevenZipSharp together with 7z.dll
  • GUI rework Part1: Password Manager
    • possible to add multiple passwords
      • simple passwords, one per line
      • UnRarIt password list, with tab and counter
      • JDownlaoder multiple password, starting with '{' ending with '}', seperated by ','


Supported achive formats

  • 7-Zip ( *.7z )
  • Rar ( *.rar | *.r00, *.r01, ... | *.part1.rar , *.part01.rar , ... )
  • Zip ( *.zip )


.Net Framework 3.5

The password list needs to be created on your own.

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