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This is the home page for ErgoEmacs developers. (the ErgoEmacs home page is at )

ErgoEmacs is a emacs distribution. This project's aim is to create a modernized version of emacs.

• ErgoEmacs supports the 7 sacred standard keys, e.g. Copy 【C】, Cut 【X】, Paste 【V】 , undo 【Z】, Save 【S】, Open 【O】, Close 【w】.

• ErgoEmacs uses a ergonomic keyboard shortcuts set, design based on command frequency statistics. This reduces typing stress.

• ErgoEmacs modernize emacs by removing some awkward user interface and 1980s terminologies.

• ErgoEmacs is still emacs-like for its superb features (There are absolutely NO addition of pop-up dialogue or forcing users to use mouse.).

For details on why this project was started, please see:


• A binary download for Windows and Mac. Download, and run. Everything should work well out of the box. Average programers who never heard of emacs can download it and use it productively the first day. No bother about philosophy or the “proper” way.

• 100% compatibility with GNU Emacs. ErgoEmacs works primarily by having several elisp files and packages that over rides default GNU emacs behavior and user interface. No change to emacs lisp language or C core.

• Users are not expected to learn for the sake of learning. User shouldn't be expected to read any doc for features common in many IDEs that are already familiar to programers.

A good model of ErgoEmacs are quality software from Google or Apple. Download, and use. No need to be a elite hacker.

Plan Detail And Contribution

For detailed rationale and list of items to change, see: Developer Intro. For how to get code in, see the How To Contribute in the wiki tab.

Join us. All code are open source.

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