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Enroscar ("twist", "screw in", "screw on" from Spanish) is an Android library focused on web service clients.

We've moved to GitHub.

Enroscar goals

Give solutions to common problems that Android applications face with (mainly focusing on web services clients). And do it via exposing clean and extensible interfaces.

  • a convenient way for performing remote server API communication
  • utilize Android loaders API to load remote data
  • display remote images
  • misc handy widgets
  • and other..

Project aims to be on cutting edge of Android technology: we use android-support package in order to squeeze maximum power of new Android features, moreover we honor old API and provide custom implementation of some new components: DownloadService, AudioFocusHelper, SDKDependentUtils and even more ;)

What to start with

  1. Read about Android library projects
  2. Checkout Enroscar library from this SVN repository
  3. Take a look at the library sample
  4. Play with the sample and read our quick start notes.

"Used Sources" link will tell you what other projects and solutions are partially included to our library.

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