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   ;BMMMMMC    0Mc    ;M@    c@MMMM0;     0MMMMW6#@       .iXMMM  .@@.    tM$   
                   enough lame computing!             .8E0009    

To design and implement the computing platform of the future

BuzzWords Implementations Wiki List


This project is in the premature stages of infancy. Take this page as a collection of random ideas, nothing more, nothing less.

Now we are STILL learning Haskell - this language is teaching us a lot! (March 2008 - November 2009)

Old news

We are re-designing, again, the Enough package library and are profiling the LiveC demo. (January 2008)

We are currently implementing a second version of LiveC, a Live Programming demonstration environment for C.

Quick summary

Enough is a project researching the benefits of advanced computing concepts and their combinations. It is similar in spirit to Subtext but includes many other ideas.

Where to start?

BuzzWords is a list of concepts we are exploring. Live programming is an idea we really like.

  • Discussing and Joining: send an email to the enoughmail group (link on right bar)
  • Copyright: all information here is copyrighted to respective authors.
  • Warning: all information here is provided may be nonsense! No warranties...
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