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  ID Type  Status  Priority  Milestone  Owner    Summary + Labels Component  ...
  351 Defect New Medium ---- ----   Can not use emite in firefox problem with xmlns ----  
  350 Defect New Medium ---- ----   possibly bug in XmppBoshConnection on connection failure ----  
  349 Enhancement Accepted Medium ----   Improve the accessibility of hablar for screen reader users (and in general)   Usability Hablar  
  348 Defect Accepted Medium Release1.0   Use of SessionStates.ready.equals(state) problems ----  
  343 Defect New Medium ---- ----   When session is logout and on session relogin PresenceManager doesn't fire available status ----  
  342 Defect New Medium ---- ----   ChatChangedEvent- created unnecessarily ----  
  340 Defect Accepted Medium Release1.0 danigb   RoomChatManager get initializes twice even though the module says "Singleton" EmiteLib  
  339 Defect Started Medium Release1.0   BOSH connection randomly disconnects EmiteLib, Hablar  
  338 Defect New Medium ---- ----   Remove listener from the session ----  
  337 Defect New Medium ---- ----   Halbar JS ----  
  332 Enhancement Accepted Low ----   If an action is a bit sluggish then it's not obvious that something is happening Hablar  
  329 Defect New Medium ---- ----   emite-0.6.0-RC1: open room with HistoryOptions problem ----  
  328 Defect New Medium ---- ----   Sign in after sign out not working ----  
  327 Defect MoreInfo Medium ---- ----   Policy-violation on Hablar Client ----  
  320 Defect Started High ---- danigb   Adapt Hablar to the new emite library API (event bus and gin)   Maintainability Hablar  
  315 Defect MoreInfo Critical ---- ----   Browser hangs after login if roster has no contacts in hosted mode Hablar  
  305 Defect Accepted Medium Release1.0 ----   XmppRoster fails to identify refusal or removal of subscriptions when contact not in roster EmiteLib  
  304 Enhancement Accepted Low ---- ----   When creating a new group the group name is not given focus   Usability Hablar  
  302 Defect MoreInfo Medium Release1.0 ----   Size Limitation in Bosh connection ----  
  293 Enhancement Accepted Medium ---- ----   Allow to refuse invitations Hablar  
  289 Enhancement Started Low ---- danigb   We need to be able to change the icons to transparent gifs for IE6 Hablar  
  282 Enhancement Accepted Medium Release1.0 danigb   Add SASL MD5 authentication request EmiteLib  
  277 Defect New Medium ---- ----   Login fails ----  
  274 Task Accepted Medium ---- ----   Create Selenium tests for group management Hablar  
  273 Defect Accepted Medium ---- ----   Default nickname loaded from display name breaks Selenium tests Hablar  
  261 Defect Accepted Medium ---- ----   Clean CSS Hablar  
  245 Defect New Low ---- ----   Opening status menu sometimes clears user status Hablar  
  239 Enhancement New Medium ---- ----   Use of colour ----  
  235 Enhancement New Medium ---- ----   Display of long JIDs   Usability Hablar  
  224 Enhancement Accepted Low ---- danigb   Add spanish translation to Hablar Hablar  
  217 Defect Accepted High ---- danigb   ESC key closes the connection EmiteLib  
  203 Enhancement New Low ---- ----   Rollup/Minimize toggle button is not obvious   Surevine Hablar  
  182 Defect New Low ---- danigb   Try to get emite running over GAE infrastructure EmiteLib  
  181 Enhancement New Low Release1.0 danigb   Add support for WebSockets EmiteLib  
  174 Defect MoreInfo Low ---- ----   PacketRenderer.toString() ----  
  171 Enhancement New Medium Surevine-Iter3 ----   Search Improvements   Surevine Hablar  
  170 Enhancement New Low ---- danigb   Implement XEP-0126: Invisibility   Surevine EmiteLib, Hablar  
  144 Enhancement Accepted Medium ----   XEP-0004 DataForms implementation EmiteLib  
  143 Enhancement Started High ---- danigb   Implement XEP-0055: Jabber Search EmiteLib, Hablar  
  140 Enhancement Accepted Medium ----   Uss CCSInjection for css images and to limit emiteui network requests EmiteUI  
  135 Enhancement Accepted Low Release0.5.0 danigb   Show current Presence.Show (message) in the ui EmiteUI  
  132 Defect Accepted Medium ----   Check English in emiteui EmiteUI  
  131 Defect MoreInfo Low Release0.5.0   Removing an user roster contact remove also the user from the contact ----  
  122 Defect New Medium ---- ----   XMPP Document 10 (10.1) Blocking Communication Not Yet Implemented ----  
  119 Enhancement Accepted Medium Release1.0 danigb   Track the IQ status EmiteLib  
  106 Enhancement Started High Release1.0 danigb   Create a ReconnectModule EmiteLib  
  104 Defect Accepted Medium Release0.5.0   Conversation scroll problems activating/deactivating tabs EmiteUI  
  95 Enhancement Started Medium ---- ----   Skin Change on the Fly   Contribution EmiteUI  
  60 Enhancement Accepted Medium Release1.0   Run emite BOSH over JabberHTTPBind EmiteLib  
  58 Enhancement Started Medium ---- danigb   Run emite against tigase server EmiteLib  
  55 Defect Accepted Low ---- danigb   Unknown EXT exceptions EmiteUI  
  14 Enhancement Accepted Low ----   Study MUC history management ----  
  9 Enhancement Accepted Medium Release1.0 danigb   Allow creation of new users EmiteLib  
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