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Issue 113: [launch] 2 improvement ideas
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Status:  Started

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Reported by, May 23, 2009
I wanted to write a paste plugin to paste my documents directly to an
online pastebin, but then had the idea to put it into the lauch plugin. has an XMLRPC and a commandline tool using it
( So I just added to
the python option list of the launch plugin and it worked quite fine. But
only for python scripts. 

So could you add that to all file type actions or provide a way to add
lauch commands for any file type? You could add a meta file type "all" that
commands are added dynamically to all file type commands (are always in the
command list)

Secondly, provide a way to add more file types and launch commands (at last
for the highlighted languages). Then I could launch my rST files (.txt)
with the rst2html script for example.

Dec 21, 2010
Project Member #1
Forgot to update this - 

The second request has been implemented through the use of the Launch XML interface that allows for new handlers to be added through an xml configuration file.
Status: Started
Owner: CodyPrecord
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