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Information about the e support directory
Updated Jul 15, 2007 by

Information about e's support directory

The support directory contains various tools and scrips that are used by e


This is a patched version of the cygwin installer that allows in installing cygwin from the command line, by specifying the packages that should be installed.

The installer takes the following options: 
 -D --download                          Download from internet
 -L --local-install                     Install from local directory
 -s --site                              Download site
 -R --root                              Root installation directory
 -q --quiet-mode                        Unattended setup mode
 -h --help                              print help
 -l --local-package-dir                 Local package directory
 -r --no-replaceonreboot                Disable replacing in-use files on next
 -n --no-shortcuts                      Disable creation of desktop and start
                                        menu shortcuts
 -N --no-startmenu                      Disable creation of start menu shortcut
 -d --no-desktop                        Disable creation of desktop shortcut
 -A --disable-buggy-antivirus           Disable known or suspected buggy anti
                                        virus software packages during
For example:
cygwin-setup-p.exe --root c:\cygwin --quiet-mode --site [MIRROR] --package curl,wget,tidy,perl,python,ruby --local-package-dir c:\temp\cygwin

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