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  ID Type  Status  Priority  Milestone  Owner    Summary + Labels ...
  3 Task Accepted Medium ----   file Issues on existing lists of bugs and features  
  9 Defect Accepted Low ----   decoding: decoder max should match MAX_INSTR_LENGTH  
  10 Enhancement Accepted Low ----   decoding: non-optimal encodings  
  16 Enhancement Accepted Medium ----   port all suite/tests/* to x64  
  21 Defect Accepted Medium ----   APP CRASH calc.exe with client api/samples/cbr  
  22 Defect Accepted Medium ----   ASSERT suite/tests/runall/detach_test.exe: x86\emit_utils.c:6924 after_shared_syscall_code_ex(dcontext _IF_X64(mode)) < pc && nxt_pc < pc  
  24 Defect Accepted Low ----   HANG -thin_client any app  
  26 Defect Accepted Medium ---- ----   handle pre-thread-init and post-exit signals  
  29 Defect Accepted Medium ----   suite/tests/security-common/retnonexisting.c's fault not caught by SEH on x64  
  31 Enhancement Accepted Low ----   perf: two-layer ibl hashtable with inner fixed-size   Performance  
  32 Enhancement Accepted Low ----   perf: ibl opts: cmp-vs-literal, no collision cmp   Performance  
  33 Enhancement Accepted Low ----   perf: vtune results: jecxz is bad: experiment w/ jecxz-less ibl   Performance  
  36 Enhancement Accepted Medium ----   build: define release package build env; set up nightly regression  
  37 Enhancement Accepted Medium ----   targeted injection on Linux via ptrace  
  38 Enhancement Accepted Medium ----   attach injection on Linux  
  40 Enhancement Accepted Medium ----   client support for persistent and process-shared caches  
  43 Enhancement Accepted Medium ----   auto-inline instrumentation code   Performance  
  45 Enhancement Accepted Medium ----   support thread-private versus shared on individual thread basis  
  47 Enhancement Started Medium ----   early and comprehensive injection on Linux  
  48 Enhancement Accepted Low ----   custom trace interface expansion: full control over traces  
  49 Enhancement Accepted Low ----   simultaneous 32-bit and 64-bit library support for x64 DR controlling WOW64 app  
  50 Enhancement Accepted Medium ---- ----   add client event for client or DR fault  
  52 Enhancement Accepted Low ----   client convenience routines for eflags and register liveness  
  53 Enhancement Accepted Medium ----   extend liveness guarantees of client saved registers   Performance  
  54 Enhancement Accepted Low ---- ----   client convenience routines to increment a counter and perform other stats gathering   GoodContrib  
  55 Enhancement Accepted Low ----   treat client meta-code differently than app code wrt system calls and exceptions  
  56 Enhancement Accepted Medium ---- ----   jmp_smart   GoodFirstBug GoodContrib  
  57 Enhancement Accepted Low ----   dynamic ISA change specification: runtime option for new opcodes  
  58 Enhancement Started Low ----   port to Mac OS X  
  59 Enhancement Accepted Low ----   re-visit building pdf from doxygen latex output  
  60 Enhancement Accepted Low ----   re-add libutil/ unit tests  
  65 Enhancement Accepted Critical ----   build: convert suite/ to cmake and ctest  
  68 Enhancement Accepted Low ----   build: replace all uses of perl with cmake and ctest  
  70 Enhancement Accepted Low ----   build: re-add symbol store support  
  72 Defect Accepted Medium ----   build: rhel3 linker script fails  
  74 Enhancement Accepted Medium ----   build: produce package files of source code on each release  
  76 Enhancement Accepted Medium ----   ELF section header iterator  
  77 Enhancement Accepted Low ----   build: make DRgui a subproject to support building separately with different compiler from libutil  
  83 Enhancement Accepted Low ----   build: use "astyle" to check coding style  
  84 Defect Accepted Medium ----   build: nmake adds space before 1st / in 1st arg to a command invoked with quotes  
  92 Defect Accepted Medium ---- ----   handle the rest of the linux signal-related system calls: in particular SYS_rt_sigqueueinfo   GoodFirstBug  
  95 Enhancement Accepted Medium ---- peter.goodman   detach on linux  
  98 Enhancement Accepted Low ----   build: up warning levels to Wall/W4 for tools and tests, and eliminate libutil pragmas  
  105 Defect Accepted Medium ----   CRASH (TOT suite/tests/common/decode) linux 32-bit test_modrm16  
  107 Defect Accepted Medium ----   handle app using same segment register  
  111 Enhancement Accepted Medium ----   support running tests in parallel  
  118 Enhancement Accepted Low ----   port ldmp tool to 64-bit  
  120 Enhancement Accepted High ---- ----   re-enable runall tests under CTest   GoodContrib  
  121 Enhancement Accepted Low ----   improve suite/runsuite.cmake: label known failures; ssh support; results in review text  
  124 Defect Accepted High ----   ASSERT (TOT security-win32.codemod-threads) utils.c:1413 false (unknown hash function?)  
  125 Enhancement Accepted High ----   re-enable tests: linux.vfork, linux.vfork-fib, win32.debugger, security-common.selfmod-big  
  129 Enhancement Accepted Low ----   Enable Client Logging  
  131 Defect Accepted Medium ----   !HAVE_TLS causes debug builds to fail  
  135 Defect Accepted Medium ----   ASSERT (pthreads.pthreads) heap.c:2039 out_of_vmheap_once || (known_stack available = reserve_size prot == 0)  
  136 Defect Accepted Medium ----   ASSERT (linux.threadexit2) linux/os.c:3221 synch_res == THREAD_SYNCH_RESULT_SUCCESS  
  140 Enhancement Accepted Medium ---- ----   document -prof_pcs and provide support for profiling joint DR+client   GoodContrib  
  141 Defect Accepted High ----   NT failures: ASSERT (pb == mbi.BaseAddress) win32/os.c:2704; with client, missing export  
  143 Defect Accepted Low ---- ----   writable areas: consistent application and client protection view  
  145 Enhancement Accepted Low ----   use dual paths on LD_LIBRARY_PATH to solve cross-arch execve  
  147 Enhancement Accepted Low ----   client interactions with cross-arch execve  
  148 Defect Accepted Low ---- ----   check for and handle syscall failure in all intercepted syscalls  
  150 Defect Accepted Low ----   make linux signal handling more robust when interrupting lock holder  
  156 Enhancement Accepted Low ----   add post-mangling last-shot trace callback  
  161 Defect Accepted Medium ----   CRASH (linux.sigplain011) non-det test failure  
  170 Defect Accepted Low ----   use cmake 2.8's STRINGS property for tri-state boolean option vars  
  174 Defect Accepted Medium ----   APP CRASH (Firefox 3.5.1)  
  183 Defect Accepted Medium ----   ignore_assert_list using full path names after switch to cmake  
  187 Defect New Medium ---- ----   Error on Athlon Thunderbird with -debug: "Unsupported processor type: SSE and FXSR must match"  
  188 Enhancement Accepted Medium ----   allow sentinel translation addresses  
  191 Defect Accepted Low ----   preserve signal state across execve  
  192 Defect Accepted Low ----   oomtest test kills parent shell  
  194 Defect Accepted Low ----   make recording pending signals re-entrant  
  198 Enhancement Accepted Medium ----   expose more runtime options: cache sizing, performance-affecting options, etc.  
  199 Enhancement Accepted High ----   provide general raw_syscall() interface?  
  208 Defect Accepted Low ----   treat SIGFPE like SIGSEGV and SIGBUS since could arise in client library  
  209 Defect Accepted Medium ----   Fail on test suite 65  
  233 Defect Accepted Low ----   support for advanced private Windows loader features  
  234 Enhancement Started Medium ----   Windows earliest injection  
  235 Defect Accepted Medium ----   redirect more of ntdll for more transparent private libraries  
  239 Defect Accepted Medium ----   DEADLOCK: fork from multi-threaded parent => locks inconsistent  
  240 Defect Accepted Low ----   inline asm in signal.c requires binutils 2.16+, ignoring CMAKE_ASM_COMPILER  
  241 Enhancement Accepted Low ----   add events for Windows APC, NtContinue, callback, and cbret  
  242 Enhancement Accepted Low ----   use Javascript JIT hooks to identify generated code   Performance  
  247 Defect Accepted High ----   CRASH (1.5.0 64-bit firefox) copy_and_re_relativize_raw_instr  
  249 Defect Accepted Low ----   [windows] TLS/TEB/PEB isolation for private dll copies  
  253 Defect New Medium ---- ----   HANG (  
  255 Defect Accepted High ----   ASSERT (winword 2007 -opt_memory) vmareas.c:2854 (is_coarse && coarse != NULL) || (!is_coarse && coarse == NULL)  
  260 Enhancement Accepted Medium ----   return error codes for platform-independent API routines?  
  261 Defect Accepted Medium ----   [windows] DR print to stdout/stderr does not show up in cmd  
  266 Defect Accepted Low ----   SEH64 can't handle exceptions crossing callback boundaries?  
  267 Defect Accepted Medium ----   CURIOSITY win32.reload-race test: fragment_add_ibl_target unknown reason  
  269 Defect Accepted Low ---- ----   should cmovcc and fmovcc have dst as a src?  
  270 Enhancement Accepted Low ----   add library section iterator to API?  
  272 Defect NeedInfo Medium ---- ----   dr_save_reg & dr_insert_clean_call Acrobat Reader 8.1.2  
  279 Enhancement Accepted Medium ---- ----   add client thread synchronization support: condition variables in particular  
  282 Defect Accepted Low ----   disable itimers during all-thread-synch?  
  287 Enhancement Accepted Low ----   honor DYNAMORIO_AUTOINJECT on linux  
  293 Defect Accepted Medium ----   Add flags in instr to indicate if an instruction read/write memory.  
  297 Defect Accepted Medium ----   sideline thread has no chance to clean up  
  301 Enhancement New Medium ---- ----   add preferred base to module_data_t   GoodContrib  
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