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DSP Emulator
Updated Oct 7, 2012 by


DSP Emulator v0.14 - Leniad 2001-2011


Well, this is just another emulator... but, what's the difference? This is a pascal open source emulator using Delphi/Lazarus enviroment. There are not so many emulators in pascal...
Yes, its open source, you can compile it yourself. But you cannot use it for commercial purposes.
Why pascal, and not C, C++, Java or any other languaje? Well, pascal it is powerful enough to handle my emulator (120fps in spectrum driver with a Pentium CPU) and it is as good as many any other languages.
You can not distribute this emulator with ROMS, except those that include the original ZIP file.
Since version 0.9ß3 portability has begun to Lazarus/Free Pascal, so there is a Linux 32/64bits version available.

1-. Emulation

+ INFO: Emulator can handle ZIP format. You can load roms, tapes, snapshots or disks from a ZIP file.
+ FILES NEEDED: In Windows the emulator needs the library 'SDL.DLL' that must be in the same folder that the executable, you can download it from the emulator site or you can download the last version from ''.
In Linux this library comes with your OS.

The emulator includes (not in WIP versions) inside the ZIP the ROMS for Spectrum 48K/128K/+3 (and variants), Amstrad CPC 464/664/6128 and Coleco. You can download more tapes, disks and coleco ROMS from the 'Spectrum is Alive!!!' and 'Coleco is Alive!!!' pages, from the original emulator web.


1.1-. Keys during emulation

General Keys:
'F2' --> Full speed/Normal Speed
'F3' --> Reset machine
'F11' --> Changes emulation speed from 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%

Arcade drivers basic keys are redefinable, by default are:
'1' --> Start player one
'2' --> Start player two
'5' --> Insert coin
'6' --> Inser Coin
Keys for both players are redefinable, and you can select any joystick for any player and up to 6 buttons per player, by default keys are:
Player 1 Up --> Key 'Cursor UP'
Player 1 Down --> Key 'Cursor DOWN'
Player 1 Left --> Key 'Cursor LEFT'
Player 1 Right --> Key 'Cursor RIGHT'
Player 1 Button 1 --> Key 'LEFT CONTROL'
Player 1 Button 2 --> Key 'LEFT ALT'
Any other control, by default, is not defined. You can redefine it in the main configuration menu.

Spectrum/Amstrad basic keys:
'F1' --> Play/Stop tape
'F4' --> Save snapshot
'F5' --> Remove Disk
The joystick uses keys redefinable or external joystick.
In Amstrad CPC for use 'F1' to 'F10' keys you must press right Shift.

1.2-. Language Files

DSP is by default in English, if you want to change it using 'File -> Language' or click the Settings button. You can select Castellano, Catalan, English, German, French, Brazilian or Italian.
If you want to add another language, edit any file whith the extension '.lng' in the 'LNG' directory, rename it with the name of the languaje and send it to me to add it to the next version.
If the language files are not present, the emulation can not start.

1.3-. Configure DSP

Clicking the Settings button you can configure the options in the emulator can select the language, quality of audio, video settings, default directories, redefine keys/use joystick and redefine main keys.
In addition there are systems that can configure the options separately from the driver (Spectrum) and in arcade drivers, since version 0.12ß4 dipswitches can be modified through this button, to set game options.

1.4-. Audio

You can select the sound quality: 11025Khz, 22050Khz and 44100Khz. The more quality you choose more cristal crear will sound the emulation.
If you do not have sound card the sound is turned off. Anyway you can select the option 'Mute' to save a few frames.

1.5-. Save Pictures

Since DSP 0.2wipb5 you can save GIF files from Spectrum emulation.
Since 0.7ß2 version you can also save JPG and PNG formats from all drivers.

1.6-. Initial Game List

Since version 0.9 there is the possibility of booting DSP with the list of games, which shows the games, computers and consoles available. Further information on the availability of ROMS for each system, distribution year, conpany, etc.
In general configuration you can choose this way of booting (show a game list), or the old way (load the last driver).

2-. Drivers

2.1 Computers


This driver have it's own configuration system. You can choose:
- ROMS: You can change Spectrum's ROM. Configure you favorite ROM in 'ZIP' format (the name of the ROM inside the ZIP must be the same of ZIP name, for example 'SPECTRUM.ZIP' and the ROM inside the ZIP 'SPECTRUM.ROM') or in ROM format.
By default the ROM files are:
-Spectrum 16k/48k: 'SPECTRUM.ZIP' --> 'spectrum.rom' CRC: 0xDDEE531F
-Spectrum 128k: 'SPEC128.ZIP' --> '128-0.rom' CRC: 0xE76799D2 and '128-1.rom' CRC: 0xB96A36BE
-Spectrum +2: 'PLUS2.ZIP' --> 'plus2-0.rom' CRC: 0x5D2E8C66 and 'plus2-1.rom' CRC: 0x98B1320B
-Spectrum +2A/+3: 'PLUS3.ZIP' --> 'plus3-0.rom' CRC: 0x30C9F490 , 'plus3-1.rom' CRC: 0xA7916B3F , 'plus3-2.rom' CRC: 0xC9A0B748 and 'plus3-3.rom' CRC: 0xB88FD6E3
- Border: You can choose line by line emulation, pixel by pixel emulation (slowly but more exact) or disable border emulation (festest).
- Lens Lock: Enable/disable the LensLock protection simulation
- Spectrum 48K issue: Choose spectrum  issue 2  or 3
- Joystick: You can choose from four joysticks; Kempston, Cursor, Sinclair 1 and Sinclair 2. Joystick is emulated with the redefinable keys or external joystick.
- Gunstick/Lightgun: The mouse is used as Gunstick, and left button is used as fire.
- AMX Mouse/Kempston Mouse: Use the mouse and the buttons.
- ULA+: Enable/disable ULA+ extended colors. Supported since 0.9ß3 version.
- AY8912 sound: Set the type of sound channels. Supports mono, stereo ABC channels and stereo ACB channels.
- Tape loading sound: Enable/disable the sound of the tape when loading.
- Speaker filter: Enable/disable filter to reduce the noise in speaker emulation.
- Speaker oversample: Quality of speaker emulation.

- Keyboard: Fully working keyboard emulation, and LShift and LControl working as Capshift and SimbolShift.
- Virtual Tapes: Can load ZIP, TAP, TZX, PZX, WAV and CSW. Fully working spectrum load schemes (bleepload, alkatraz, original rom...). With the mouse you can move inside virtual tape and select the star possition. Tape begin to play when detects - LOAD "" - and stop when reaches the final.
If inside the ZIP file there is a ROM file, emulator load fisrt ROM file and then loads then virtual tape.
Also, if inside the ZIP is a .SCR image, it's used as a preview.
- Snapshots: you can load Z80, DSP, SNA, SZX, ZX and SP. And you can save in SZX, Z80, DSP and SNA format.
- Audio: Spectrum beeper, and in version wich have it there is a AY-8912 emulation. You can choose the speaker rate, as high you choose the better sound quality.
- Floppy disk: Emulated all NEC-765 functions but write operations. Supports DSK format and 'extended' DSK.
- To do: Contented memory is not working correctly at 100%.

Amstrad CPC 464,664 y 6128

- ROMS: By default the files are:
-CPC-464: 'CPC464.ZIP' --> 'cpc464.rom' CRC: 0x40852F25
-CPC-664: 'CPC664.ZIP' --> 'cpc664.rom' CRC: 0x9AB5A036 and 'amsdos.rom' CRC: 0x37F1BB31
-CPC-6128: 'CPC6128.ZIP' --> 'cpc6128.rom' CRC: 0x9E827FE1 and 'amsdos.rom' CRC: 0x37F1BB31
- Keyboard: Mapped the keys for each of the CPC. To press the '|' press left shift key and '><' next to the Z.
- Joystick: emulated with the redefinable keys or external joystick.
- Virtual Tape: you can load ZIP, CDT, WAV and CSW. It's working the classical loading squemes (bleepload, alkatraz, SpeedLock ...). Use the mouse to move inside the virtual tape and select the starting position.
- Sound: Polyphonic sound from AY-8912 chip
- Floppy disk: Emulated the functions of the NEC-765, just missing writing functions. Supports the format 'DSK' and the 'extended' DSK formats.
-To do:
-Snapshots are not implemented.
-Some disk protections are not working (a few).
-Some video effect are missing (M6845 video)

2.2 Consoles


-Cartridge: Supports '.nes' ROM format, compressed in ZIP format or not.
-Keys: Use the redefined keys and 'SELECT' uses coin 1 (by default is mapped as key '5' and 'START' uses start player 1 (by default is mapped as the '1' key).
-Sound: Support sound, only remains DPCM
-Mappers: Supports 0,1,2,3,4,7,66 y 87
-To Do
- Snapshots
- Add more mappers
- Video Timmings

GameBoy/Gameboy Color

-ROM: Not required, but if present are loaded and run as the original console.
The default ROMs names are
-GameBoy: 'GAMEBOY.ZIP' --> 'dmg_boot.bin' CRC: 0x59C8598E
-GameBoy Color: 'GBCOLOR.ZIP' --> 'gbc_boot.1' CRC: 0x779EA374 and 'gbc_boot.2' CRC: 0xF741807D
-Keys: Use the redefined keys and 'SELECT' uses coin 1 (by default is mapped as key '5' and 'START' uses start player 1 (by default is mapped as the '1' key).
-Cartridges: Supports cartridges '.gb' and '.gbc', compressed or not.
Mappers are supported are MBC0, MBC1 and MBC5.
-To Do
- Snapshots
- Audio problems, do not work with high frequencies
- Video Timmings
- Add more mappers


-ROM: The ROM is needed for emulation
ROM file name is
-Coleco: 'COLECO.ZIP' --> 'coleco.rom' CRC: 0x3AA93EF3
-Joystick: The numbers on the keyboard from '1'to '0' emulate the keys on the two joysticks. Keys 'Q' and 'W' emulate the Keys '*' and '#' of the two joysticks also, main joystick is emulated with the redefinable keys or external joystick (the secondary joystick does not have keys assigned). Does not support (still) the special joysticks.
-Cartridges: It supports the standard game cartridges (not expansion cartridges) with 'ROM' and 'COL' file extension. Support ZIP files, of course.
-Sound: Support the sound with AY-8912

Chip 8/Super Chip8

-ROM: Does not have. It's a simulation of a pseudo CPU.
-Keyboard: Mapped the system keys
1 2 3 A --> 1 2 3 4
4 5 6 B --> Q W E R
7 8 9 C --> A S D F
D 0 E F --> Z X C V
-Sound: basic sound
-Video: Supports 64x32 format from Chip8, 64x64 from Chip8 Hires and 128x64 from SuperChip8
-Files: Supports '.CH8' y '.BIN' formats
-To do
- Snapshots

2.3 Arcade

2.3.1 Samples
Some games, given the difficulty of emulating old sound systems, uses 'samples'. Such files are portions of digitized sound, played instead of emulating the sound> Currently only some drivers use wholly or partly this system.
If you want the emulator to use the samples, put the files with the same name as the ROM in a folder named 'samples'.

2.3.2 Emulated Systems

Name ROM Completed Notes
Phoenix PHOENIX.ZIP 99,1 Preliminary analog sound, music (TMS36XX) and digital sound are OK
Bombjack BOMBJACK.ZIP 100
Pac-man PACMAN.ZIP 100 Pac-man Hardware
Ms. Pac-man MSPACMAN.ZIP 100 Pac-man Hardware
Mysterious Stones MYSTSTON.ZIP 100
Frogger FROGGER.ZIP 100 Galaxian Hardware
Galaxian GALAXIAN.ZIP 95 Galaxian Hardware
Partial sound with samples
Jump Bug JUMPBUG.ZIP 100 Galaxian Hardware
Moon Cresta MOONCRST.ZIP 90 Galaxian Hardware
No sound
Scramble SCRAMBLE.ZIP 100 Galaxian Hardware
Super Cobra SCOBRA.ZIP 100 Galaxian Hardware
Amidar AMIDAR.ZIP 100 Galaxian Hardware
Donkey Kong DKONG.ZIP 100 Donkey Kong Hardware
Samples sound
Donkey Kong Junior DKONGJR.ZIP 100 Donkey Kong Hardware
Samples sound
Donkey Kong 3 DKONG3.ZIP 100 Donkey Kong Hardware
Black Tiger BLKTIGER.ZIP 100
Green Beret GBERET.ZIP 100
Commando COMMANDO.ZIP 100
Ghost'n'Goblins GNG.ZIP 100
Mikie MIKIE.ZIP 100
Shaolin's Road SHAOLIN.ZIP 100
Yie Ar Kung-Fu YIEAR.ZIP 100
Son Son SONSON.ZIP 100
Asteroids ASTEROID.ZIP 100 Analog sound and samples
Star Force STARFORC.ZIP 100
Rygar RYGAR.ZIP 100 Tecmo Hardware
Silk Worm SILKWORM.ZIP 100 Tecmo Hardware
Pitfall II PITFALL2.ZIP 100 Sega System 1
Teddy Boy Blues TEDDYBB.ZIP 100 Sega System 1
Wonder Boy WBOY.ZIP 100 Sega System 1
Wonder Boy in Monster Land WBML.ZIP 100 Sega System 2
Choplifter CHOPLIFT.ZIP 100 Sega System 2
Mister Viking MRVIKING.ZIP 100 Sega System 1
Sega Ninja SEGANINJ.ZIP 100 Sega System 1
Up'n Down UPNDOWN.ZIP 100 Sega System 1
Flicky FLICKY.ZIP 100 Sega System 1
Pooyan POOYAN.ZIP 100
Jungler JUNGLER.ZIP 100 Rally X Hardware
Rally X RALLYX.ZIP 100 Rally X Hardware
Explosion sound uses samples
New Rally X NRALLYX.ZIP 100 Rally X Hardware
Explosion sound uses samples
City Connection CITYCON.ZIP 100
Burger Time BTIME.ZIP 100
Express Raider EXPRRAID.ZIP 100
Super Basketball SBASKETB.ZIP 100
Lady Bug LADYBUG.ZIP 100
Tehkan World Cup TEHKANWC.ZIP 99 Problem with CPUs syncronization
Popeye POPEYE.ZIP 100
Psychic 5 PSYCHIC5.ZIP 96 Missing Alpha render (background and sprites) and colour intensity
Kung-Fu Master KUNGFUM.ZIP 100 Irem M62 Hardware
Spelunker SPELUNKR.ZIP 100 Irem M62 Hardware
Spelunker II SPELUNK2.ZIP 100 Irem M62 Hardware
Lode Runner LODERUN.ZIP 100 Irem M62 Hardware
Lode Runner II LODERUN2.ZIP 100 Irem M62 Hardware
Terra Cresta TERRACRE.ZIP 100
Shoot Out! SHOOTOUT.ZIP 100
Vigilante VIGILANT.ZIP 100
Jackal JACKAL.ZIP 100
Bubble Bobble BUBLBOBL.ZIP 100
Prehistoric Isle in 1930 PREHISLE.ZIP 100
Tiger Road TIGEROAD.ZIP 100 Tiger Road Hardware
F1 Dream F1DREAM.ZIP 100 Tiger Road Hardware
Snow Bros SNOWBROS.ZIP 100
Toki TOKI.ZIP 95 Some problems with sound, M68000 core bugs?
Contra CONTRA.ZIP 99 Some graphics bugs
Mappy MAPPY.ZIP 100 Mappy Hardware
Dig-Dug II DIGDUG2.ZIP 100 Mappy Hardware
Super Pacman SUPERPAC.ZIP 100 Mappy Hardware
Rastan RASTAN.ZIP 100
Legendary Wings LWINGS.ZIP 100 Legendary Wings Hardware
Section Z SECTIONZ.ZIP 100 Legendary Wings Hardware
Trojan TROJAN.ZIP 100 Legendary Wings Hardware
Street Fighter SF.ZIP 100
Galaga GALAGA.ZIP 100 Galaga Hardware
DigDug DIGDUG.ZIP 95 Galaga Hardware
Problems with IO 53XX (dipswitch)
Xain'd Sleena XSLEENA.ZIP 100
Hard Head HARDHEAD.ZIP 100 Suna Hardware
Hard Head 2 HARDHED2.ZIP 10 Basic driver
Saboten Bombers SABOTENB.ZIP 100 NMK 16 Hardware
Bomb Jack Twin BJTWIN.ZIP 100 NMK 16 Hardware
Knuckle Joe KNCLJOE.ZIP 100
Wardner WARDNER.ZIP 100
Big Karnak BIGKARNC.ZIP 100 Gaelco Hardware
Thunder Hoop THOOP.ZIP 100 Gaelco Hardware
Squash SQUASH.ZIP 100 Gaelco Hardware
Biomechanical Toy BIOMTOY.ZIP 100 Gaelco Hardware
Exed Exes EXEDEXES.ZIP 100
Gun.Smoke GUNSMOKE.ZIP 100 Gun.Smoke Hardware
1943: The Battle of Midway 1943.ZIP 100 Gun.Smoke Hardware
1943 Kai: Midway Kaisen 1943KAI.ZIP 100 Gun.Smoke Hardware
1942 1942.ZIP 100
Jail Break JAILBREK.ZIP 100
Circus Charlie CIRCUSC.ZIP 100
Iron Horse IRONHORS.ZIP 100
R-Type RTYPE.ZIP 70 Irem M72 Hardware
Missing sound and controls, some sprite problems and missing some NEC v30 opcodes
Break Thru BRKTHRU.ZIP 100 Break Thru Hardware
Darwin 4078 DARWIN.ZIP 100 Break Thru Hardware
Super Real Darwin SRDARWIN.ZIP 100
Double Dragon DDRAGON.ZIP 100 Double Dragon Hardware
Double Dragon II - The Revenge DDRAGON2.ZIP 100 Double Dragon Hardware
Mr. Do! MRDO.ZIP 100
The Glob THEGLOB.ZIP 100 Epos Hardware
Super Glob SUPRGLOB.ZIP 100 Epos Hardware
Tiger Heli TIGERH.ZIP 100 Slap Fight Hardware
Slap Fight SLAPFIGH.ZIP 100 Slap Fight Hardware
The Legend of Kage LKAGE.ZIP 100
Cabal CABAL.ZIP 95 Bugs in M68000 core
Ghouls and Ghosts GHOULS.ZIP 100 Capcom Play System 1 - CPS1
Final Fight FFIGHT.ZIP 100 Capcom Play System 1 - CPS1
The King of Dragons KOD.ZIP 100 Capcom Play System 1 - CPS1
Missing third player controls
Street Fighter II The World Warrior SF2.ZIP 95 Capcom Play System 1 - CPS1
Missing some controls and scroll row
Strider STRIDER.ZIP 100 Capcom Play System 1 - CPS1
Three Wonders 3WONDERS.ZIP 100 Capcom Play System 1 - CPS1
Captain Commando CCOMANDO.ZIP 100 Capcom Play System 1 - CPS1
Knights of the Round KNIGHTS.ZIP 100 Capcom Play System 1 - CPS1
Street Fighter II' Champion Edition SF2CE.ZIP 95 Capcom Play System 1 - CPS1
Missing some controls and scroll row
Cadillacs and Dinosaurs DINO.ZIP 100 Capcom Play System 1 - CPS1
The Punisher PUNISHER.ZIP 100 Capcom Play System 1 - CPS1
Shinobi SHINOBI.ZIP 95 Sega System 16A
Missing PCM Sound
Alex Kidd ALEXKIDD.ZIP 95 Sega System 16A
Missing PCM Sound
Fantasy Zone FANTZONE.ZIP 95 Sega System 16A
Missing PCM Sound
Time Pilot '84 TP84.ZIP 99 Missing RC filters
Tutankham TUTANKHM.ZIP 100
Pang PANG.ZIP 95 Missing YM2413
Ninja Kid II NINJAKD2.ZIP 95 UPL Hardware
No PCM sound
Ark Area ARKAREA.ZIP 100 UPL Hardware
Mutant Night MNIGHT.ZIP 100 UPL Hardware
Sky Kid SKYKID.ZIP 100
Rolling Thunder RTHUNDER.ZIP 95 Namco System 86
Missing ADPCM sound
Hopping Mappy HOPMAPPY.ZIP 100 Namco System 86
Sky Kid Deluxe SKYKIDDX.ZIP 100 Namco System 86
Roc'n Rope ROCNROPE.ZIP 100
Repulse REPULSE.ZIP 100
The NewZealand Story TNZS.ZIP 100 The NewZealand Story Hardware
Insector X INSECTX.ZIP 100 The NewZealand Story Hardware
Pacland PACLAND.ZIP 100
Mario Bros. MARIO.ZIP 100 Full sound with samples
Solomon Key SOLOMON.ZIP 100
Combat School COMBATSC.ZIP 95 Minimal graphics problems
Heavy Unit HVYUNIT.ZIP 100
P.O.W. - Prisoners of War POW.ZIP 100 SNK 68K Hardware
Street Smart STREETSM.ZIP 100 SNK 68K Hardware
Ikari III - The Rescue IKARI3.ZIP 100 SNK 68K Hardware
Search and Rescue SEARCHAR.ZIP 100 SNK 68K Hardware
P47 - Phantom Fighter P47.ZIP 100 Jaleco Megasystem
Rodland RODLAND.ZIP 100 Jaleco Megasystem
Saint Dragon STDRAGON.ZIP 95 Jaleco Megasystem
Missing Protection
Time Pilot TIMEPLT.ZIP 100
Pengo PENGO.ZIP 100
Twin Cobra TWINCOBR.ZIP 100 Twin Cobra Hardware
Flying Shark FSHARK.ZIP 100 Twin Cobra Hardware
Jr. Pac-Man JRPACMAN.ZIP 100
Robocop ROBOCOP.ZIP 100 Deco0 Hardware
Baddudes vs. DragonNinja BADDUDES.ZIP 100 Deco0 Hardware
Hippodrome HIPPODRM.ZIP 95 Deco0 Hardware
Some times the game resets, maybe Hu6280 bugs?
Tumble Pop TUMBLEP.ZIP 100
Funky Jet FUNKYJET.ZIP 100
Super Burger Time SUPBTIME.ZIP 100
Caveman Ninja CNINJA.ZIP 100 Caveman Ninja Hardware
Robocop 2 ROBOCOP2.ZIP 100 Caveman Ninja Hardware
Diet Go Go DIETGO.ZIP 100
Act-Fancer Cybernetick Hyper Weapon ACTFANCR.ZIP 95 Bugs on Hu6280
Arabian ARABIAN.ZIP 100
Pirate Ship Higemaru HIGEMARU.ZIP 100
Bagman BAGMAN.ZIP 95 Bagman Hardware
Missing TSM 5110 sound
Super Bagman SBAGMAN.ZIP 95 Bagman Hardware
Missing TSM 5110 sound
Congo CONGO.ZIP 20 Zaxxon Hardware
Missing controls, audio, background and palette
Total: 166

3-. Contribute/Code distribution

If you make any improvements to any driver, processor, main code, etc. or add drivers, please send the changes to me, so they can be added to the main code.
If you use part of the code of the emulator for any non commercial purpose, you only need to add in the documentation/source something like 'Z80 core written by Leniad'. And please send me a email to see the written program. :-)

4-. Acknowledgments

- First, of course, the MAME team. Without them, this emulator never had existed, thanks to distribute the source code to help many people, people like me. (And of course the 'MAME guru' Nicola Salmoria).
- Chris Cowley, author of VBSpec, from where I've pick a lot of information about Spectrum. In addition I've also got the part of the AY-3-8912 of its emulator, which is an excellent conversion that comes with MAME.
- Raul Gomez Sanchez author of the R80, one of the best Spectrum emulators for DOS, which use your debugger to trace errors in my emulator Z80.
- World of Spectrum, they have many tapes, snapshots, in addition many technical information, including the format TZX, DSK, Z80, etc.
- javi[@] that helped me in a moment of desperation, with directSound.
- Thanks to Michael Franzen, who sent me drivers for Pooyan, Coleco, System1, Chip8 and many others to be included in DSP.
- Thanks to Tom Walker, he sent me his driver CPS1 where I got and understood a lot of information.
- Thanks to sremulador he made the drivers list, and constant source updates and for begin the rewriting of NES driver
- And many pages of the Internet, many documents ... and people who I forget, thank you all.

5-. Copyright

The Coleco and Pooyan has been rewrited from the originals by Michael Franzen.
The CPS1 has been rewrited from the original by Tomas Walker.
The rest of the drivers the Z80 core, M6502 core, M6809 (HD6309) core, M68000 core, M680X core, TMS-32010 core, NEC v20/v30/v33 core, LR35902 core, M6805 core, MCS51 core,Hu6280 core and MB88XX core are writed by me, Leniad.
AY-3-8912 emulator is a conversion from Chris Cowley, but the original emulator come from MAME team.
SN76496, YM2203, TMS36XX, VLM-5030, YM3812/YM3526, YM2151, i8255, OKI6295, UPD7759, Z80PIO and Z80CTC emulators are a conversion writed by me from MAME original.
TMS99XX emulator have been rewrited from the original by Michael Franzen and have parts from MAME.
NEC765 emulator is a conversion writed and adapted by me, from MESS original.
GameBoy/GameBoy Color sound emulator is a conversion writed by me from MESS original.
NES sound emulator is a conversion writed by me from MAME original.
All Spectrum, CPC464, CPC664 and CPC6128 roms are copyright of Amstrad.

6-. Contact & Links

If you want to contact me, send me feedback or anything just use leniad2[@]
My DSP home page
You can also download the offical version and WIP versions from Google Code page

If you want info...

if you want spectrum tapes, snapshot, info...

If you want Coleco games

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