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Examples of experiments and hacks in Clozure Common Lisp that just might be interesting to the greater CCL community. The only examples at the moment are a translation of a few of NEHE's OpenGL tutorials into Lisp and a partial port of the Chipmunk 2D physics library (note that there are better solutions out there).

I think I am up to three or four of the NeHe examples. Some of the early ones are trivial in XMLisp, so I have been skipping around. Things went horribly wrong, though, when I got to the Collision Detection example.

You see, many years ago I purchased this book by David Eberly (actually, I just have the first edition). I skimmed over the book, did not really give much thought to its contents, then packed it away before going to a job in Korea (which is another, completely unrelated story), all to be forgotten until little over a year ago.

So, there I am, reading over the collision detection example in NeHe and the proverbial light bulb goes off. "Hey- I was just (only five years ago) reading about all this in that Eberly book." And so began the madness...

I have spent far too much time hacking up a home-grown linear algebra library that almost knows how to solve LCP's. Sometimes I read books, and sometimes those books talk about Convex Optimization, so maybe some day I will fix the code so it actually can solve an LCP and do proper collision response calculations. Of course I first have to write some collision detection code. Maybe I should also by this http:// Oh, and having a home-grown physics engine is not worth squat if one doesn't also have a home grown 3D graphics engine. Good thing I bought this book as well. Actually, it's been pretty annoying reading that book since everything is written with the C++ programmer in mind, so most of the code examples are about as clear as mud. It has served as an introduction to a lot of topics that I haven't dealt with since I was in college oh so many years ago, and inspired me to do a bit more investigation on my own.

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