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Project Information
  • Dramatizer produces a series of scripts that will be helpful to the director and recordist in making an audio dramatized version of a portion of the Bible.
  • Dramatizer produces a master script for human use and also a master script for the computer to use.
  • Dramatizer produces a script for each speaker (voice talent) with just his/her clips.
  • Dramatizer links to Cool Edit or Audacity or Audition or your audio recording program with the proper wave file to record for a particular clip.
  • Recordings can be done in sequence or out of sequence (by speaker number) or a combination of these.
  • Dramatizer helps organize the hundreds or thousands of wave files created.
  • The interface can be localized. French and Portuguese are currently available.

Note: be sure to uninstall older versions of Dramatizer before installing a newer version. Your work will remain. Just the program and related files are uninstalled.

Be sure to email that you are trying out Dramatizer. I want to know that it works or has problems. It is production ready now. The menus are able to be modified into other languages now. Please send me the modified localization.txt file. It is located where you installed Dramatizer in a folder called requiredFiles. I will include your language in the next distribution.

The NET Bible files are used with permission of BSP. Copyright © 1996-2007 by Biblical Studies Press (BSP), L.L.C. and the authors. All rights reserved. You can download your own copy of the NET Bible for free at

Note: If novices are going to install the Dramatizer, it might be helpful if they understood that these steps are involved:

  1. They will probably need to install .NET Framework.
  2. When they try to install Dramatizer, Windows will ask if it is OK to install .NET Framework
  3. A page will come up with many choices. Choose: .NET Framework 3.5 Runtime (or later)
  4. You then have to click on the installation option again.
  5. Go to Start and run the program.

Please add any feature requests or bug notifications on the "Issues" page.

If you want to see how to localize Dramatizer you can import the localization.txt file into a spread sheet.

If the program freezes while processing your data, the first place to look is to make sure you have matching quote marks. Every open quote mark must have a matching close mark.

A dialogue quote mark is closed by a following new line.

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