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Community Index of BSN Projects for Dragon Age 2 - for Players
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Standalone Campaigns

Official Campaign Mods

New Adventures


A Better OranaVeritrixA simple mod that improves the elf servant Orana. For DA2.
Black Hair Is Black 2Midnight VoyagerReplaces the black hair tint with a bluer black, a less brown tint.
DA 2 Eyelash fixmarquiseondoreMore visible upper lashes.
DA2 Hairy male toplessOld_wrinkle_assreplace default male underpants texture
DA2 Male Very HairyMystic Binary 82Override of human male "nude" texture - DA2
DA2 Orana revamp, no extra mods required!AnaryaA simple, non-frightening morph for Orana (I mean if she's going to live in your house she might as well not look like a ghoul).
Kyrie Hawke saveSarielleA save of my Kyrie Hawke, as requested Mage, rogue and warrior versions up. Let me know if there are any issues.
My DA2 Face Morphsrak72 Some of my character's face morphs
Nowshin's DA2 ZevranNowshinJust a replacement for DA2 Zevran's Fugly Face.
Raks_Cullen_Da2rak72Requires LOTC tints, LOTC skins, Duchells textures, Pinappletree's vibrant Colors, Pinappletree's vibrant hair
Varania Coloration TweakTwofold BlackColoration variants for Varania that make her look more like Fenris.
Varania recolorpayrooChanges Varania's skin/hair coloring to match Fenris'.


Alternate (better looking?) Anders and Alistair in DA2TamynI made alternate Anders and Alistair morphs for Dragon Age 2. Alistair's face was hardly recognizable in the official game. I also thought that Anders' face could have been more attractive for a love interest (c'mon fantasy!).
Alistair in DA2Elysium FicFace morphs for Alistair in Dragon Age 2
Blonde Hawke Familykaiki01 Changes Bethany and Carver to have blonde hair and blue eyes.
Blonde Merrillkaiki01I modified Merrill to have blonde hair, blue eyes and some other minor changes to enhance her look.
(DA2) Edgier MerrillAnaryaGives Merrill the Dalish Assassin/Huon hairstyle, slightly tweaks makeup colors
(DA2) Subdued Sebastian EyecolorAnaryaOverrides the Spice-must-flow laser blue color, changing Seb's eyes. Will override the color across the board, so don't use this mod if you want to keep that eyecolor
DA2 Anders tweaksAnaryaMatches Anders' stubble color to his hair, also contains a version with his Awakening ponytail.
DA2 Bethany/Carver Hair - all colorsAnaryaChange your siblings' hair to match yours. All non-modded colors included.
DA2 - Meredith's armour for AvelineanzolinoReplaces the default guard plate on Aveline with the reskinned armour of Meredith
DA II - Default Hawke family for all presetsELE08Overrides the custom Hawke family morphs you get when using the 2nd or 3rd group of chargen presets.
DA II Merrill DAO-ifiedELE08Morph and outfit retex to make Merrill appear more like her Origins appearance.
Dragon Age 2 Zmiana wyglądu Mabari // Changing Mabari's appearanceIndrugMod zamienia wygląd Mabari na wygląd Demona Cienia. // Mod changes our Mabari into the Shade's appearance.
Fenris new robesanzolinoFenris get a new colored or black robe
Hairy Fenris With TattDiablo066Fenis now has body hair, facial stubble, and new tattoo. His hair is Black now to match body hair. p.s you will have to download the mod in this thread, Just download the first two archive
Isabela variationtmp7704Replacement for default Isabela appearance. Tweaks to facial features and outfit based on the version from DA2.
Muted AvelinePalipride47Simple mod and subtle changes to make Aveline look less like a caricature but not take away her "character"
Nathaniel eye color fix for DA IIELE08Changes Nathaniel Howe's eye color in DA II from brown to their grey Awakening appearance.
White MabariVeritrixHave a white mabari follow you around Kirkwall
XN Isabela with Pants (v3.1)Xavier NoirNew look for our favourite pirate girl. Includes fair and normal skin versions with and without pants, retextures for Isabela's starting daggers and a few other options.


Angel Slayer for Dragon AgeIIDonorConverting of dagger Angel Slayer from LineageII (Multilinguage version)
Dynasty Blade for Dragon AgeIIDonorConverting of Dynasty Blade from LineageII (Multilinguage version)
Icarus Heavy Arms for Dragon AgeIIDonorConverting of Greatsword Icarus Heavy Arms from LineageII (Multilinguage version)
Meredith EquipmentKronarasThis mod will replace the Blood Dragon armor and Hayden's Razor greatsword, with Meredith's Armor and Weapon.
No SkisShadow HawkReplace the most egregiously outsized greatsword appearances with the more reasonably proportioned alternatives the game provides
Shadow Hawk WeaponsShadow HawkAdditional weapon items for Dragon Age 2
Tensa Zangetsu, the Bankai of Ichigo DA2antenni88This replaces the Champion's Warblade with Tensa Zangetsu. The name stays the same, only the model and stats change. DA2

Armour & Clothing

Anders' Armor Tweakrayvenwing_kA small fix to neaten up Anders' outfit.
Armour Of The Four ElementsanzolinoTanAmrun's complete amour set for mages
Athenril's Armor recolorRheiaThis is a recolor of Athenril's Armor for Dragon Age II. Please see readme about adding it to your game. Enjoy!
Champion Armour Fur Retexture and Specular Map FixsonokoThis mod changes grey fur of the mage's champion armour. You can choose black, brown or white version.
DA2 - Merrill's black armouranzolinoReskinned second armour of Merrill replaces pre and post romance version
DA2 - Reskinned Rogue Champion ArmouranzolinoSkin and appearance changes for the Champion Armour for the Hawke Rogue
(DA2) sexy Leder ArmorKwengiethis Mod is removing the brown pants from the Leather Armor
Dark Isabela B ArmorDevacoreHow: copy erf to override What: Replaces Isabela romance option B with a grey shirt and silver neck jewelry.
Diversified Follower ArmorsishmaeltheforsakenThis mod revamps the follower armor upgrade system by replacing the upgrades with new and unique chestpieces restricted to the followers.
Dream of Antiva Darker PantsNiireSome basic recoloring of Dream of Antiva...I take no credit for this mod, except for the recoloring changes I made. :) So, a very HUGE thanks to FokSiGen over at the Nexus for this lovely work! You can find the original mod here...http://www.dragonagene
Merril, Tallis & FemRogue Dark grey outfits (Texmod)sai007It's a mod for DA2, the main outfits of Tallis and Merril also the female rogue outfit are colored in dark grey
Mysterious Gifts (for Dragon Age 2)elysA free Mysterious set of evolving equipments for your hero.
Nowshin's blah blahNowshinMy DA2 BS
Player with Isabela's armorDevacoreHow: copy rar files into your override folder. Details:Will give you Isabela's armor once you complete the prologue. You have to have the same skin tone as Isabela or it will look funny The boot or gloves are invisible without chest gear
Robes of the Fabulous Piraterak72Isabella Robe Retex
Sunnies DA2 modsSunnie22Mods created by me for Dragon Age 2

Other Items

Dalls_KirkwallDall2Kirkwall is Dragon Age 2 (model re-texture) mod which changes how DA2 Main Game Stages - Kirkwall, Wounded Coast, Sundermount and all to them related items and props look.

Spells & Abilities

Dragon Age 2 Mistyczna Tarcza Zmieniony Efekt Wizualny // Arcane Shield visual effect changedIndrugMod zmienia wizualizacje Mistycznej Tarczy na świecące niebieskie oczy. // Mod changes visualization of Arcane Shield to Blue glowing eyes.
Dragon Age 2 Skalny Pancerz Zmieniony Efekt Wizualny // Rock Armor visual effect changedIndrugMod zmienia wizualizacje Skalnego Pancerza na Zemstę u Andersa. // Mod changes visualization of Rock Armor to Anders'es Revange.

Storage & Treasure


DA2 Import FixesMonochrome WenchMod for Dragon Age 2 to fix problems with imported save games
DA2 Launcher Reskin (Fenris and F.Hawke)RheiaA reskin of the DA2 launcher using art of Smai Lika07 from Done with artist's permission!
Dragon Age 2 PL - Fix Tymczasowy Uszkodzone Umiejętności Przyjaźni Sebastiana & IzabeliZekzt ZauvirrTymczasowy fix omijający błędy jakie generują zdobywane za maksymalny pasek przyjaźni umiejętności specjalne od Izabeli i Sebastiana.
Dragon Age 2 PL - Legendarny Zestaw PancerzaZekzt ZauvirrMała modyfikacja, dodająca legendarną zbroję Hawkea zaraz po przejściu prologu.
Dragon Age 2 PL - Skalny Pancerz Bez WizualizacjiZekzt ZauvirrMod usuwa wizualny efekt zaklęcia Skalny Pancerz.
Dragon Age 2 PL - Tapety HDZekzt ZauvirrZbiór własnych tapet HD w rozmiarach 1440/900 i 1920/1080
Dragon Age 2 PL - Tekstury HD dla Środowiska/OtoczeniaZekzt ZauvirrModyfikacja dodająca tekstury wysokiej jakości i rozdzielczości dla otoczenia i środowiska
Dragon Age 2 PL - Tutorial Edytowania PrzedmiotówZekzt ZauvirrNiewielki kurs jak własnoręcznie stworzyć awansujący wraz z graczem na kolejne poziomy doświadczenia przedmiot.
Dragon Age 2 PL - Uzdrowiciel Dusz, Zniesione Wymagania AuryZekzt ZauvirrModyfikacja zdejmuje uciążliwe wymagania aury dla klasy prestiżowej uzdrowiciela dusz.
Dragon age 2 - no more item stat requirementsdoxin45you will not have any restrictions on the your gear anymore EG: Gear belonging to specific characters or classes and no need to get to a specific talent point in any character stats EG: 25 willpower or strength just epuipt the item there and then.
Dragon Age 2 stuffZeph SunstriderRandom dumpage for stuff I did for DA2, and decided (against better judgment) to publish.
Evolving Legacy ItemsFaeQueenCoryAdds the "Improves with level-up" feature to the character specific items received in the Legacy DLC. Legacy DLC required.
Heal cooldown tweak for DA2daywalker03This mod will reduce the 60 second cooldown on the Mage Heal spell to a more reasonable 10 seconds, which means you can at least attempt to use it more than once in a battle.
No More Spiders (Dragon Age 2)Wilson DAOChanges spiders into Mabari...
Respecification DA2amcnowThis module provides the Self Respec ability, which allows the user to respecialize.
Saves for Dragon Age 2 ImportcmessazSome saves with different choices for DA2 import
Shield Defense AnimationJ R HigleyChanges Shield Defense Animation
Test Dragon Age 2 Moduomis(No description)
Unlock Companion's Skill TreeKwan GongUnlocks the restricted skill trees of DA2 companions.
Xronit's Mini ModsXronitSmall changes. Currently with "Who Needs Rescuing?" quest fix

Bug Fixes

Wallpaper & Images

Fan Fiction

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