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Django-like Templates. Initial implementation in Objective-C, but probably should be extended to JavaScript.

Objective-C Version


  • Contributors Wanted!
  • Requires compilation with RegexKit
  • Requires YAJL for testing
  • Testing against Django unit tests
  • for, if, ifchanged and ifnotchanged are implemented
  • pretty good, though not perfect syntax handling of templates
  • probably a few memory problems
  • just add all the Djolt*[hm] files to your project


   // data the template's going to use for rendering
   NSDictionary* d = [[NSDictionary alloc] ...];

   // the djolt template
   DjoltTemplate* t = [[DjoltTemplate alloc] initWithTemplateFile:file_djolt];

   // the result
   NSString* r = [t render:d];
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