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Backwards-incompatible changes to Django Tagging
Phase-Design, Featured
Updated Feb 4, 2010 by jonathan.buchanan

Backwards-incompatible changes since version 0.1 (Revision 79)

Revision 114 (12th January, 2008)

Flexible multi-word tags landed in SVN trunk - this was used as an opportunity to clean up some long-standing untidiness. Other backwards-incompatible changes:

  • The Tag and TaggedItem models no longer set the db_table properties in their inner Meta class - this means that unless you put the override back in yourself, you'll have to rename your database tables to tagging_tag and tagging_taggeditem, respectively. These were a hangover from when SQL queries were originally being written by hand - the appropriate table names are now plugged in to queries using each model's Options (_meta).
  • tagging.utils.get_tag_name_list has been removed, as have all regular expressions related to tag input/validation.

Backwards-incompatible changes since version 0.2 (Revision 122)

Revision 130 (21st January, 2008)

TaggedItemManager's methods now accept a queryset_or_model argument instead of a model argument, so you'll need to change your code if you were using model as a keyword argument.

The tagged_object_list generic view's model argument has also been renamed to queryset_or_model.

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