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Issue 82: More problems with beside + mempty
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Status:  Duplicate
Closed:  Nov 2012

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Project Member Reported by, May 24, 2012
Consider these example definitions:

b = hcat' with { sep = 0.2 } [circle 1, mempty, mempty, mempty, circle 1]
d = b <> square 1

b = mempty ||| circle 1
d = b <> square 1

In both cases the output is not what I would expect.  Either diagrams or my expectations need to be fixed, and the results thoroughly documented in either case.
Jul 31, 2012
Project Member #1
(No comment was entered for this change.)
Labels: -Component-Core -Component-Docs
Nov 11, 2012
Project Member #2
Moved to github.
Status: Duplicate
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