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DBGpClient screenshots
Updated Nov 9, 2012


DBGpClient v0.55 running in Vim 7.2 on debian lenny 64-bit (running under QEMU).

DBGpClient v0.55 in Vim 7.3 on Slackware 14.0 32-bit, with :colorscheme darkblue

DBGpClient screenshot on Vim 7.3, Slackware 32-bit

Check for Xdebug enabled in php

Here is a short command to check if Xdebug is enabled in php. This is for command line scripts only. The image is for a Linux system. Only the output from the first command is significat here. You can debug command line php scripts even without the settings in the second command, if you set the right values on the command line.

For php web pages you will need a phpinfo page on your site in order to check Xdebug is enabled in php. On that page look for the following:

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