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Issue 11666: Remove Path class from the Dart SDK
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Status:  Fixed
Closed:  Aug 2013

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Reported by, Jul 2, 2013
Introducing an interim Path type to manipulate string paths is an un-necessary friction given the dart:io File and Directory classes only work with strings. It's also a good show-case on how over-typing SDK API's are less re-usable, composable and overall harder to work with.

We should remove the Path type from the SDK given that better and redundant options (also made by the Dart Team) exist including pathos:

Ideally Dart SDK APIs should have a minimal and flexible API surface with special care taken when converting what is commonly else-where a string API behind types which as a side-effect can create friction and reduce interoperability. IOTW there should be a clear and visible benefit to typing string APIs in the SDK. When they exist they should be balanced against the ease-of-use and imposed friction compared with the existing node.js APIs:

It's always an option for external higher-level libs to provide a typed API layer over it, that way their use is isolated to those who prefer and see value in it.
Jul 4, 2013
Project Member #2
Path is now deprecated, will be removed at the 11th of August.

An email will be sent out later today or tomorrow with instructions.


- Anders
Status: Started
Jul 4, 2013
brilliant, thx.
Jul 4, 2013
Project Member #4
Cool! If there's any functionality in Path that you find pathos lacks, please don't hesitate to throw patches at me to get that moved over.
Jul 24, 2013
Project Member #5
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Labels: Milestone-M6
Aug 15, 2013
Project Member #6
The Path class was removed from dart:io in
Status: Fixed
May 14, 2014
Project Member #7
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Labels: -Area-IO Area-Library library-io
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