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Landing page for TTS-based production in the Pipeline 2
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TTS-based production of DAISY material is one of the most popular feature of the Pipeline 1. The Pipeline 2 is a good opportunity to redesign the TTS production system to better integrate with recent standards (SSML, PLS) and meet the users needs in terms of configurability and extensibility.

A general approach is to split the conversion process in smaller dedicated steps, rather than handling everything in a massive black-box step. This granular approach was also taken in the existing Pipeline 1 Narrator script, but with some limitation:

  • high coupling between all the steps: the steps in the narrator make strong assumption on the other steps and are hardly reusable in a different context
  • restriction to DTBook: most of the steps are dedicated to processing of DTBook documents and are not easily portable to another grammar (e.g. ZedAI)

For the Pipeline 2, the general objectives are:

  • support for multiple input document format, and especially next-generation DAISY XML (aka ZedAI)
  • native use/support of PLS and SSML standards
  • better interoperability (e.g. web services, distributed TTS engines)


See the TTS WG overview for more details.

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