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"cpptask" is an open source library which represents a higher-level, task-based parallelism that abstracts platform details and threading mechanisms. It is similar to Intel TBB or Microsoft Parallel Pattern Library but much more lightweight and less powerful.


It is implemented as headers only library for simple integration to projects.

Supported Platforms (was tested on)

  • Windows
    • MSVS2008 (32bits and 64bits)
    • MSVS2010 (32bits and 64bits)
    • MSVS2010 Express (32bits)
    • mingw(gcc-4.5.2) (32bits and 64bits)
  • Linux (Debian)
    • gcc 4.6.1 (32bits)


  • Thread class
  • Atomic variables
  • Mutex primitive
  • Event primitive
  • Semaphore primitive
  • Task class for faster delivering to threads
  • Work-Stealing tasks management
  • Parallel-For algorithm
  • Parallel-Reduce algorithm
  • Parallel-Invoke algorithm
  • Delivering exceptions from threads and tasks to caller
  • Support of lambda expressions

You can learn more on the UserGuide page. Also you can visit to learn more news about project.

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