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Issue 186: New design document schema.
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Reported by kxepal, Jun 8, 2011
I'd like to resume talking about design document schema.

Not a long time ago there was discussion on same subject:!topic/couchdb-python/jynKi4rsWtg

Without Python query server there was a little hard to implement design document constructor for all available functions: shows, lists, updates, etc.. Now things get changed: Python query server became up-to-dated and more mature, modern and it's time to make another shot.

As start point I've attached my current realization of it:

- Add support for show/list/update/filter/validate_doc_update design functions definition. (covers many requests, specially about schema data restrictions)
- Support for standalone class-modules. (if class represents document schema, so it could cover  issue 110 )
- Support for multi language design functions. (issue 105)
- Handy definition of Python reduce functions (talks in groups)
- Support syncing design by documents, not by functions. (issue 127)

It doesn't breaks old API, just provides new one. I still don't count this realization as final, so any suggestions are welcome(:

P.S. this patch is almost useless without Python query server from issue 146.
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Jul 15, 2014
Project Member #1 djc.ochtman
This issue has been migrated to GitHub. Please continue discussion here:
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