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Contains a list of the keyboard shortcuts in CorsixTH.
Updated Dec 1, 2013 by

The following hotkeys are currently available in CorsixTH. Note that this page refers to the latest revision of CorsixTH, any key with a revision number in brackets after it is a new addition since Beta 2 and will require a build of CorsixTH with the listed revision or greater. Builds since the first beta can be found on the CorsixTH forums.

General Hotkeys

These hotkeys can always be used.

Key Effect
Arrow keys Scroll screen
Shift + Arrow keys Scroll screen faster (r727)
+ / - Zoom in / out (DirectX only)
Shift + \ - Zoom in / out 5x (DirectX only)
1 Set game speed to "slowest"
2 Set game speed to "slower"
3 Set game speed to "normal"
4 Set game speed to "max speed"
5 Set game speed to "and then some more"
Z Speed increases to "and then some more" on press and returns to previous speed on release (from r2595)
P Pause / Unpause game
C Open the Drug Casebook
T Open the Town Map
M Open first fax message (if any are waiting)
X Toggle transparent walls (r619)(from r2595 moved out of debug menu)
Shift + S Open the save game dialog
Shift + L Open the load game dialog
Shift + Q Quit from the game back to the main menu
Shift + Alt + S Quick save (r2491)
Shift + Alt + L Load last quick save (r2491)
Alt + A Toggle the announcements
Alt + S Toggle the sound effects
Alt + M Toggle the music
Ctrl + S Takes a screenshot (saved as screenshot#.bmp in game directory) (r752)
Shift + A Toggle adviser
Esc Close the topmost window (if any are open)
Alt + Enter Toggle fullscreen
Ctrl + Drag Window Restricts window movement to set increments
Ctrl + T Dump all strings in the current language (Ctrl + Shift + D in versions 0.10-0.11)
Spacebar/Esc Skip in-game movies from the original Theme Hospital (r1811)

Function Keys

These are in the same order as the buttons on the bottom tool bar; which will make it easier to remember. From version 0.20 these buttons and the function keys are "toggle". This means one click opens and one more click closes the screen.

Function Keys Action
F1 Bank Manager
F2 Statement Screen
F3 Staff Screen
F4 Town Map (T)
F5 Casebook (C)
F6 Research Screen (Research Room must be in hospital to view screen) (R)
F7 Status Screen
F8 Charts / Graph Screen
F9 Policy Screen
Shift + F10Restart game (reloads .lua files)


These additional hotkeys are available only if the game is run in debug mode.

Key Effect
Ctrl + D Dump game log (r715)
F11 Show cheat window (r1067, previously: Make adviser talk)
F12 Show lua console (r1044, previously: Show watch)

Window Specific Hotkeys

These hotkeys can be used if a specific window is currently opened.

Furnish Corridor

Key Effect
Shift + Click Increase/decrease item quantity by 5
Ctrl + Click Increase/decrease item quantity by 10

Patient Window

Key Effect
H Send patient home

Edit Room / Place Objects Window

Key Effect
Esc Cancel (go back one step)
Enter Confirm (advance one step, if possible)
Spacebar Rotate object

Bank Manager

Key Effect
Ctrl + Click Increase/decrease loan by maximum amount (r726)

Queue Window

Key Effect
Shift + Click Increase/decrease maximum queue size by 5 (r701)
Ctrl + Click Increase/decrease maximum queue size by 10 (r701)

Drug Casebook

Key Effect
Left / Right arrows Decrease/increase cost of the selected disease
Up / Down arrows Navigate up/down in the list
Shift + Click Increase/decrease treatment charge 5% at a time
Ctrl + Click Increase/decrease treatment charge 25% at a time

Comment by project member, May 29, 2010

Hotkeys in original theme hospital

F1: Bank Statement

F2: Drug casebook

F3: Policy

F4: Research

F5: Charts

F6: Staff management

F7: Bank Manager

F8: Status

W: Press and hold, will run at maximum speed. Release, restore the original speed

J: Jukebox

ALT+F1~F5: Memory location on the screen

CTRL+F1~F5: Load the saved location

ALT+X: Quit the game dialog

ALT+Q: Quit the game dialog

Comment by project member, Jan 16, 2013

It says Control+S for a screenshot.

Where are they saved, do I need to specify a folder in the config or is this not working?

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