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Summary of changes in beta 3 (released 2010-06-24)
Updated Aug 4, 2010 by

CorsixTH - Beta 3

Three months have passed since Corsix Beta 2, meaning that it is time for another beta. The CorsixTH team have continued to work on improving CorsixTH and taking it further toward a full clone of Theme Hospital, the end result of which should be a more playable and more enjoyable game. As always, if you're interested in helping with programming, translating, or artwork, then please get in touch.



Contact: Mailing list or IRC



  • Added three new diagnosis rooms: Blood Machine, Ward, and Scanner.
  • Added two new treatment rooms: Jelly Vat and Decontamination.
  • Each level now has its own goals, shown at the beginning of the level and in the new status dialog. When the goals have been achieved, the player may advance to the next level.
  • The available rooms and diseases are now limited by level, hence giving a purpose to progressing through the levels.
  • Added 6 new diseases.
  • Improved heating / cooling system.
  • Existing rooms can now be edited and deleted.
  • Plants now need regular watering by a Handyman.
  • Handyman priorities are now adjustable.
  • Improved patient queueing algorithms for when there are size limits set on queues.
  • Rooms and items can no longer be purchased if you cannot afford them.
  • Added watch / timer for controlling the initial opening of the hospital at the start of each level.
  • Added support for custom levels with their own maps and level scripts.
  • Many assorted fixes.

User Interface

  • New dialog: Progress Report (Status), which shows how close you are the completing the current level's goals.
  • New dialogs: Load Game, Save Game, and Custom Level.
  • Unlimited savegame slots, rather than the archaic system of 8 slots plus autosave (note that saves from beta 2 are not compatible with beta 3).
  • Added temperature / heat overlay to the Town Map dialog.
  • Fullscreen mode, screen resolution and the interface language can be changed from the new options dialog, which is accessible from the menu, and in-game. This removes much of the need to manually edit the configuration file.
  • Hovering the mouse cursor over a room will now show all patients queueing for the room in question.
  • Room queues can now be re-ordered from the queue dialog by dragging patients, thus allowing more micro-management.
  • Added new background image for the main menu.
  • Added option to disable map scrolling when the mouse cursor is near the screen edge.
  • Added all tool-tips that were still missing.


  • The configuration file and saved games are now, at least by default, stored in the user's home directory (or equivalent).
  • Translations: Italian and Spanish: added new strings not available in vanilla TH, Portuguese (WIP) and Dutch (WIP).
  • Improved handling of case-sensitive file-systems (i.e. Linux and OS X).

Known Issues

Go to the FAQ page for solutions to some of the known issues in this release.

Custom Levels

If you're eager to try making your very own level, go here to check out what can be done at the moment.


A few options such as resolution can now be changed within the game, but more importantly the actual configuration file and saved games can now be stored either at the same location as CorsixTH or in the user's home folder. For example on windows this means the AppData folder. This change is important if the install directory is not writable by default by the user, for example the Program Files folder in Windows 7 with UAC enabled. For more information, consult the Configuration page.


More information about the new heating system can be found here.

Comment by, Jun 7, 2010

Really fast working team. I admire your project. Keep up the good work! Looking forward to all your updates :)

One Question: How many levels(from the original) are playable so far?

Comment by project member, Jun 7, 2010

Aljo1989: That depends on your definition of "playable" - basically you can play all of them. For the later levels, it won't yet be the full experience of the original game though, because some things such as the operating theatre and research are not yet implemented. (For the latter, there's currently the workaround in the game that new rooms just become available after some time, so you have some progress despite research not being possible yet.)

Comment by, Jun 7, 2010

I've been following this project for a while and it has shown great progress! The new features sound really good. Keep up the good work.

Comment by, Jun 7, 2010

Fantastic, keep up the good work. TH is one of my fav games :)

Comment by, Jun 7, 2010

Really cool!! Looking forward to try it out :D Just love that game!

Comment by, Jun 7, 2010

Wow! I just happened to find my copy of TH original when I was doing some cleanup in the storage. I installed it onto my son's computer and my own. I used to play that game all the time. I started looking for a no-cd crack so I could play it on my computer without the cd, to no avail. I stumbled upon the corsix version. I played it for a few hours last night. I loved it. Many improvements, but some minor glitches. I just found out how current all of these things are, I was thinking this was made years ago, and someone gave up. But I see this is all very current. I have been checking out these forums and see that many of the issues have been fixed, or in the works. Does anyone know of a faster way to update the lua files, I have been typing them in manually, but it would be nice if I could just download the updated ones to replace the current ones. I am going to keep looking into this. I would love to help in any way I can. This game is worth all of the work you are all doing, thanks alot! Dave from BC Canada

Comment by, Jun 7, 2010

Hi, me again. I have been looking for some of the issues I had found last night, but I haven't found them. I was wondering if there was a fix for not being able to edit or delete rooms after they have been made? Also, the ability to move patients ahead or back in the queue of a room. I had a lineup for the toilets that was about 50 people, there was a alot of grunting coming from the And I could not adjust the handymans priorities. I miss the garbage and vomit on the floors. No VIP visits. As well I had patients freezing in places around the hospital. I dont know if these are all known issues, I am sure they are, but maybe let me know if not. I am not working for the last few months, I have some time to do some testing if anyone would like me to. Thanks again.

Comment by project member, Jun 7, 2010

You can check out the very latest lua files by using a subversion client such as Tortoise SVN for Windows. The address is then or if you only want the lua files. Have a look under "Source" in the menu on this website. There you can browse the files too.

Are you using Windows? If you'd like a more thorough walkthrough, don't hesitate to send an e-mail to me or the other developers. You can also go to and chat with us directly. There are people online most of the time.

Happy gaming!

Comment by project member, Jun 7, 2010

Sorry, wasn't really finished there... You will also need a more recent exe if you choose to check out new files, and unless you start compiling yourself you can find versions in this forum post:

Comment by project member, Jun 7, 2010

In regards to your second comment (which wasn't shown to me at home for some strange reason:

Yes, you can edit and delete rooms, move patients within queues and adjust handyman priorities. VIPs, garbage and vomits are not implemented yet though. Patients freezing is a known issue, but we don't know what's the cause. So if you fell like trying to "diagnose that disease" then you're very welcome. :-) Each time someone freezes there is probably an error message in the command prompt that can be useful to us.

Comment by project member mccunyao, Jun 8, 2010

You are missing the Spanish translation.

Comment by, Jun 8, 2010

I forgot what page I wrote this on :P So I have no idea if you answered. When coding, would it be possible to make it so you can place garbage cans in the hospital in an effort to reduce waste? I never understood why you couldn't place garbage cans in the halls.

Comment by, Jun 9, 2010

Waste isn't implemented yet, and in original TH it was purely the handymen dealing with this as it included rats, vomit, holes to hell, etc.

Comment by, Jun 14, 2010

I'm so excited for this.

Comment by, Jun 21, 2010

Wow you guys are very dedicated! Thanks very much for this!

Comment by, Jun 21, 2010

In the Beta2 version I did notice that a patient froze. It seemed to happen when I picked a Vending machine up to move it while the patient was trying to get a can of coke! I guess they was so anoyed at my inconsiderance they decided not to leave the hospital! It did come up with the error message and I chose to "Recover"?? I think it was called. Thanks

Comment by project member, Jun 21, 2010

The code for handling vending machines has been considerately improved since beta 2, in beta 3 there will be (hopefully no more but at least) much fewer errors with regard to vending machines :)

Comment by, Jun 21, 2010

Good work cant wait till the 24th to play beta 3 !! :o)

Comment by, Jun 21, 2010

Good lord guys are you sure you have to wait until the 24th? I mean, I LOVE that you are doing this. So much I so that I REALLY doN't wanna wait 2 more days for AWESOMENESS to hit! Freakin loved this game back when. I remember bothering my dad to go to his LEET HAX friend to get the game on CD for me. Hoooo-leeee sh*t this is gonna be epic. I have high expectations from beta 3. It sounds like a roughly 80% functional "product".

Comment by, Jun 23, 2010

This is awesome on a netbook, whilst lounging around the house. Perfect game, perfectly done. Thanks so much and looking forward to future releases!

Comment by, Jun 26, 2010

Just some bugs I've found: 1. The announcer bloke always says my plants are thirsty. Maybe make him pop up only when plants are closer to dying. 2. Doctors still seem to walk around doing nothing even when they have a job to do. 3. The same thing happens with handymen.

Great job guys. Just thought I would bring this to your attention so you can get the next release up sooner! :)

Comment by, Jun 27, 2010

Nice release guys! 3 things.

1)You used to be able to left or right click the doctor advisor dude to make him GTFO for a bit. 2)Some of the staff's wages are impossibly high. Doctors rarely go up to 400~, but I hired a "mid-skill" doctor for 372 once and a high-end one for 791 (WTF?!) 3)skill level means nothing. everyone walks at the same slow speed and does things at the same slow speed. This is pretty nasty when after 10 minutes you have a queue of 30 outside of your GP's office XD.

Sexy release otherwise.

Comment by, Jun 27, 2010

@Brody 2/3 In progress

@BlackwingDragon? 2. It's being balanced, try adding radiators and looking at the map for heat. You can turn off raise requests, but it can start at over 1000 anyway. 3. I think the speed in the rooms depends on the skill, not sure about outside. Both will be done.

Comment by, Jun 29, 2010

I remember "more skilled" staff members doing EVERYTHING faster in general. Their animations while, say, sitting down on the sofa to rest also. I actually remember that between an "average" and a "high-end" doctor, I saved about 5 seconds between operations. That can add up in a room like the GP's office where now a diagnosis is 8-14 seconds instead of 3-4 (!!!). I doN't know LUA so I won't pretend to know what to touch up on, but the team's doing a sexy job anyway so <3.

Comment by, Aug 2, 2010

Excellent, gorgeous work ! I just found a bug at level 3. When "urgent" patients come in the hospital ( they have the big head ), my machine exploses and game crahses at thismoment, with a recovery message. I'm sorry for my english, I'm french.

In all cases, great work, glad to see that !

Comment by, Aug 25, 2010

very nice work guys keep goin

Comment by, Aug 28, 2010

Just ran over this, great project! Will be keeping an eye on this one!

Comment by, Aug 30, 2010

What an absolutely amazing project!! Just a couple of questions:

1) I can't remember how it worked in the original, but when you lose a level, is there not a way to replay it rather than starting a 'new game' or loading a saved game?

2) Also, will trophies, end of year rewards etc be implemented at some point - I'm struggling for cash without the bonuses! :)

Keep up the great work and thank you!

Comment by, Aug 31, 2010

Great job so far, can't wait until it's released. Aside from campaign mode, you should have a sandbox mode too.

Comment by, Sep 6, 2010

->DjNemesis? with the original game you can press C then click on a level to go straight to it, or you could use the autosave. ->satsui I don't know how 'sandbox' it is but you can decline the letters.

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