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Command line utility to guess whether compressing a given file with bz2 results in space savings better than a given threshold.

Does sample bzip2 compression of approximately log(flen)*4096 picked from log(flen) locations in the file.

  compressible [-v] [-t threshold] [-c fragcnt] [-m msiz] [-b ba] filename
	-t threshold	minimum saving threshold, default 25% or 1 block
        -c fragcnt	number of fragments
	-m msiz         return as not compressible for smaller files
	-b ba		"s" - be smart about blocksize
                        number - assume this blocksize

Returns: 0 if compressible, 1 not compressible, or error code

RPM packages for Fedora can be generated by rpmbuild -ta compressible-XX.tar.bz2

See also example usage and StoreBackupTips

Currently no svn repository, get sources from downloads section

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