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Issue 433: some valid NIB files break unrelated things, including OpenGL > 1.1
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Reported by, Oct 30, 2009
ok this is a very weird bug which took a while to isolate.


1.) download the very slightly modified cocotron opengl sample (attached). it has just been 
modified to initialize function pointers for opengl > 1.1 functions and print errors if they can't be 
2.) build the sample and run it under windows, everything is fine, no errors printed.
3.) now comes the weird thing. replace the MainMenu.nib file in the sample with the one i have 
4.) build the sample again, make sure the new nib file is used.
5.) run the sample again under windows and observe the errors being printed, the opengl 
function pointers can't be initialized.

what is even more weird is that the problem does NOT occur when running the sample under 
WINE or VMWARE/graphics emulation. but it is completely reproducible under WinXP+NVIDIA 
graphics. just replacing the nib file with another one which is seemingly identical makes opengl 
go nuts....
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