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Maven Closure Compiler Maven Artifacts Aug 4  
UnderstandingPropertyRemoval Understanding property removal Jun 12  
UsingConditionalCommentWithClosureCompiler Using Internet Explorer's "conditional compilation" with Closure Compiler Jun 12  
UsingTheCompilerApi Calling the compiler from Java to have more control Jun 12  
Warnings How to tell closure compiler which warnings you want Jun 12  
WritingCompilerPass Jun 12  
jQueryExpansions How the compiler handles jQuery style code. Jun 12  
MeetingNotes Meeting notes Jun 12  
RelatedProjects Projects related to Closure Compiler. Jun 12  
Releases Recent releases for Closure Compiler sources and web service. Jun 12  
SourceMaps Source Map documentation Jun 12  
StructDictAnnotations Explaining the @struct and @dict annotations Jun 12  
ToStringAndValueOf toString and valueOf are assumed to be effectively side-effect free. Jun 12  
Translations Translations Jun 12  
Tutorials A list of Closure Compiler tutorials/demos that are neat. Jun 12  
TypeSystemOverview Overview of Closure's Type System for JavaScript Jun 12  
EcmaScript6 Status of ES6 support in Closure Compiler Jun 12  
ExperimentalTypeBasedPropertyRenaming Improved property renaming using type information Jun 12  
ExternsForCommonLibraries A place to record externs for common libraries Jun 12 Nicholas.J.Santos  
FAQ Frequently asked questions. Jun 12  
GithubWiki Jun 12  
IdGeneratorAnnotations @idGenerator, @consistentIdGenerator, and @stableIdGenerator documentation Jun 12  
JSEngineNotes Some place to store useful links to runtime performance tuning discussions Jun 12  
JavaScript JavaScript supported by Closure Compiler Jun 12  
ManageClosureDependencies Documents the --manage_closure_dependencies and --only_closure_dependencies options Jun 12  
AdditionalWebserviceOptions closure-compiler webservice options Jun 12  
AnnotatingTypes Annotating declarations and casts Jun 12  
BinaryDownloads Binary Downloads of Closure Compiler Jun 12  
BuildingWithAnt How to use Ant to compile your JavaScript Jun 12  
CompilerAssumptions To allow for better optimizations in the general case, the compiler makes various assumptions. Jun 12  
ContributionIdeas Jun 12  
Contributors Guidelines for submitting patches to Closure Compiler Jun 12 Nicholas.J.Santos  
DesignDocuments Links to Closure Compiler design documents and proposals Jun 12  
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