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This project includes an up-to-date copy of CodeIgniter with Jquery, Blueprint CSS, and a whole bunch of home-cooked helpers and libraries to skip a lot of setup/prep-work that I constantly find myself for repeating every project that I begin.

This is particularly useful for projects that are developed in a distributed environment using SVN.

Features of CI Headstart are:

  • Built-in authentication library
  • XML <==> Database synchronization tool (optional, but useful for version controlled projects)
  • Layout library for templating
  • Enhanced form validation library
  • Built-in SVN-friendly developer tools
  • Modified configuration system to be VCS friendly, allowing config files outside of the folder structure for each independent development environment.
  • Blueprint and Jquery pre-loaded
  • Jquery Plugins "ajax-form" preinstalled

Built using CodeIgniter 1.7.2 and PHP 5.3

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