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Issue 6015: Suggestion: I wish Chrome would confirm "close all tabs."
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Status:  Duplicate
Owner:  ----
Closed:  Jan 2009

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Reported by, Jan 5, 2009
Chrome Version       :

I often close all my tabs on accident, when I mean to close only the 
current tab. I'm just so used to clicking the X in the upper right hand 
corner, it seems impossible for me to break this habit.

In IE, if you do this while multiple tabs are open, it says, "Are you sure 
you want to close all tabs?" Which I find really helpful. I can't figure 
out a way to make Chrome do this. Is there a way? If not, then I would like 
to suggest it!

Thanks. :)

PS Here is a way to make it better than IE: When the "Are you sure..." 
dialog comes up, IE gives you the options CLOSE TABS and CANCEL. But 
usually what I really want to do is just close the active tab instead. So 
if you added a CLOSE ACTIVE TAB button, Chrome would be approximately one 
million times better than IE.
Jan 5, 2009
I'm pretty sure this is a dupe- I just can't find the issue number for now.
Labels: -Area-Misc Area-BrowserUI
Jan 5, 2009
Duplicate of issue 147.
Jan 5, 2009
Yes. It's a dupe.

Status: Duplicate
Mergedinto: 147
Oct 11, 2012
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Owner: ---
Labels: Restrict-AddIssueComment-Commit
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