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Issue 44106: Provide ability to move the tab bar under the URL bar
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Status:  WontFix
Owner:  ----
Closed:  Sep 2010

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Reported by, May 13, 2010
Chrome Version       : (Official Build 45376)
Other browsers tested:
Add OK or FAIL after other browsers where you have tested this issue:
  Firefox 3.6.3: OK
         IE 7: OK

Note: There was no option under Template to set this as a feature instead
of a defect report

What is the expected result?
Chrome should have the ability for the user to choose how they want the
tabs displayed. For myself I use a program called Stickies at work that is
basically just sticky notes on the screen with reminders of what I need to
be working on. I generally keep these at the top of the screen because they
are out of the way of any applications I have running. I am unable to
switch between tabs with Chrome when it is maximized as I cannot see the
tabs because they are above everything else

We should have the ability to choose how we want the tabs to be displayed
and accessed to increase the user experience 
May 20, 2010
I think this bug should be rejected as "Design Intent".
May 20, 2010
I think this bug should be given high priority as a "design deficiency".
May 20, 2010
I think this bug should be given high priority as a "design deficiency".
May 20, 2010
I think that this is definitely a design deficiency.  Having the tabs on the top edge
creates no end of annoyance for me because I run the app without system title bars
and I have my main gnome panel at the top of my screen.  The net effect is that when
Chrome is maximized the tabs are hidden by the panel.

May 20, 2010
I think everyone can agree that options are good as long as it doesn't open the
potential for a security exploit, or provide an easy outlet for the user to cause a
major problem within the environment.  As long as the developers provide an option to
change the location of the tab bar, I don't see any problem with the current default.
 This issue is, unfortunately, a dealbreaker for most users that employ a "dock," or
have been brainwashed by other browsers for the past 5-10 years in regard to tab
location.  I have been using Chrome for several months now, and my brain still tries
to move my mouse to where the tab bar would have been located in Firefox.
May 21, 2010
moving the tabs all the way to the top means I constantly move the mouse a lot more.
 If the URL address bar were below the tabs and the tabs below the system menu,
title, plugin and utility bars, etc.  I think it would work for me.
May 26, 2010
This is a great bug! This should be escalated!
May 26, 2010
I definitely agree there should be an option to choose the tab bar location due to 
the issues (other app conflicts) it causes for other users. After using Chrome for a 
couple weeks now and getting used to it, however, I'm not sure I'd actually move it 
myself (though I positively HATED it when I first started using Chrome). Rather than 
a title bar completely wasting space at the top, I appreciate the extra screen real 
estate the top tabs afford.

But to be clear, this should DEFINITELY be alterable by the user. There's no reason I 
can see not to allow this option.
May 27, 2010
This is indeed what needs fixing... For over a year now...
May 27, 2010
#10 sharath883
I am have been using Firefox till date.I have just moved on to chrome , but I find the 
tabs being displayed on top to be very annoying. I would love to see them below the url 
and bookmarks toolbars.
May 28, 2010
Wow, does anyone even read this beside people who'd like the change?
May 31, 2010
lol, don't know ecmorgan69 but I join the choir. I, too, would really love to be able 
to customise the layout a bit more. Moving the tabs down where I'm used to having them 
should indeed not be that difficult to handle

May 31, 2010
Can anyone tell me a reason the tabs should NOT be movable? O.o
Only thing keeping me from using Chrome over Opera at the moment.
Jun 1, 2010
I am working in a remote desktop session 99% of the time. I can't see the titles of
tab pages because they are hidden by the remote desktop bar. This is the main reason
why I do not use Chrome.
Jun 7, 2010
This is very much a deal breaker for me as well. I use A TON of tabs, and having to look past the bookmarks and address bar constantly is a MAJOR DESIGN FLAW. 
Jun 8, 2010
I would like to move the tabs as well.  They get lost at the top
Jun 11, 2010
Remote desktop is the reason this bug is important to me, it's extremely annoying.

Jun 12, 2010
I just checked the bug list and there are about 400 P1 bugs and 5900 P2 bugs.  I guess we shouldn't hold our collective breaths for a fix for this.  Not unless it somehow gets escalated to P1 somehow.  Despite generally liking Chrome and even giving it a good run as my exclusive browser, I have been gravitating back towards FF and this bug is one of the big reasons why.
Jun 15, 2010
I know this seems trivial but this is seriously the only thing stopping me from using Chrome full time.  I am so use to having the tabs at the bottom that it has become a deal breaker for me.
Jun 30, 2010
Comming from the buggy Opera, first experience was "Great browser!", second experience "Too bad the tabs can't be moved".
It is most important to be able to choose the location of the tabs. It's the only mayor issue for me at the moment. For all other things there are extensions.  
Jun 30, 2010
I just moved to Chrome from Firefox, and the tabs being above the URL is tempting me to move back.  Perhaps it's familiarity with how Firefox had it, but I liked the tabs closer to the webpage and further from the top of the window.
Jun 30, 2010
(No comment was entered for this change.)
Labels: not-extensions
Jul 6, 2010
I'm ab-so-lutely with BundyFett, i'm new to chrome too and its starting annoying me moving my mouse (and my view) so high. It's just unclear arranged. 
Jul 6, 2010
I'm ab-so-lutely with BundyFett, i'm new to chrome too and its starting annoying me moving my mouse (and my view) so high. It's just unclear arranged. 
Jul 6, 2010
I think it's time to embrace the new Opera.....
Jul 6, 2010
I have to agree.  The idea of Chrome is to provide a slick, ergonomic, responsive web browser.  The idea to save screen space by only showing the status bar when you mouse over a link is a great example of this motto.  Other ergonomics in the program also are great, everything except the tabs.  Not including mousing within the webpage, the majority of my mouse moves are up to the tabs, since when I google for something I middle click several links to open them in new tabs, then go through them one by one and see what is relevant to my search.  Putting the tabs at the furthest position away from the webpage really falls outside of the web browsers motto.  If anything the bookmarks should be where the tabs are and the tabs where the bookmarks are. In the list of frequent mouse moves, webpage to tabs ranks #1, webpage to URL and/or forward-back #2, webpage to bookmarks #3.  Using this logic shouldn't #1 be closest to the webpage? It's not that I moved from FF to Chrome and expect FF, its just that FF has a much better idea when it comes to the location of tabs.  I don't think this classifies as a real bug, but it's definitely a design flaw.
Jul 13, 2010
Seems like an example of "Google knows best even when we're wrong".  This is just so fundamentally wrong from a usability perspective that it is hard to fathom why the choice was made.  Where do your eyes spend time?  On the page.  Do you more often switch tabs or click on a bookmark?  For me, for sure, I most certainly move amongst tabs at least an order of magnitude more often than open a new tab using a bookmark.  So now you eyes have to cross the bookmarks and the address bar to find the (not very well demarcated) tabs.  If the tabs were just above the page, your eyes wouldn't have to search so hard.  

Agree this is not a bug per se, but it is a fundamental design flaw.  

I just started using Chrome because I got sick of Firefox hanging up on javascript execution from one of the many tabs I keep open.  But I may need to go back.  
Jul 13, 2010
Well said Roger. Opera got this right and I won't even use Firefox because I can't position the location bar below tabs, believe it or not I use this element the most. It's an element that to me make sense as part of the tab content. I was hoping to be open to switch to Chrome and that it's youth would not mean that functionality and configurability was sacrificed for time but that does seem to be the case. What I see so far is a great effort but I'm not ready to give up what I have already. By the time Chroms catches up with it's competitors in features chances are they will be matched in speed as well.
Jul 14, 2010
This is ridiculous. The position of the tabs and the (until recently) lack of 4chan customizability was the only reason I avoided chrome. After finally trying it out, I hate it. I keep dozens of tabs open at any given time, and I navigate through them far more often than I use my bookmarks or address bar (I never click my address bar, actually....f6...). 

I understand not having the file/etc bar at the top, I had that removed on firefox too, but there's no reason I shouldn't be able to move my tabs around.
Jul 16, 2010
This is probably the biggest issue I have with Chromium.  For the most part I could easily move from Firefox, but the tabbar at the top is too much of an annoyance.  Well, that and the dynamically sized tabs.  I wish I could set the tabs to be a certain size, or at least limit the range of sizes the tabs could be.
Jul 20, 2010
Chromium on KDE with Plasma Netbook conflicts with Plasma Bar. Almost each attempt to click on the tab brings up the Plasma bar. I then need to back up the mouse and suppress my overwhelming urge to curse...Do not seem to be able to move the Plasma bar to the bottom also...

Jul 21, 2010
using chrome fullscreen in an RDP session is impossible, sorry, and is probably a somewhat common scenario where i might have my ddwrt web interface open in a chrome session along with a meebo IM session and gmail and every time i move the mouse up to change tabs the RDP session bar gets in the way.  i'm used to it being there - it's been there longer than my use of Chrome. i would really like the OPTION to move the tab bar. (and break custom UIs, etc, if i must.)

ps lol at anando the little troll, whose only two comments ever are poor attempts to flame those that like a little tweakability with their browsers.
Jul 21, 2010
I use Windows, and I like to have tabs near application bar, in Firefox you can change the position of the tabs to the bottom of the window by changing a Firefox's CSS style. This is very useful because you dont have to go by the entire sceen to change a tab with the mouse.
Some webpages do not allow using the shortcuts to change tabs, and if you are using something like eTabs, sometimes shortcuts doesnt work either.

Jul 29, 2010
This issue is the primary reason I am using Firefox instead of Chrome
Jul 30, 2010
I've been using Chrome for a couple months now, and i still hate having the tab bar at the top. Whether you want to call it brainwashing by other browsers or not, i am not getting used to this new style, and it's one of two reasons that Chrome still isn't my primary browser.
Aug 6, 2010
However good chrome is, I won't use it because of this. It's way too inconvinient
Aug 6, 2010
It would be nice so I don't activate my doc all the time
Aug 13, 2010
I use the Microsoft Language Bar to switch between typing in different languages and normally it is at the top of my screen, where it stays out of the way of all other Windows programs. 

However, since Google has forced the tabs to the top of the screen, they are now blocked by my language bar and this prevents me from using Chrome.

At least give us a choice to move the URL bar or the tabs below it. It's 2010 and we can't even customize something as simple as this? 
Aug 14, 2010
it would be an interesting experiment to put the chromium canvas into the firefox ui similar to how chrome-frame for internet explorer is implemented.

i find opera's customizability to be the most complete and simple to use, and my personal favorite layout is tabs, canvas, location+progress, bookmarks (top to bottom). in fullscreen i like being able to toggle each bar's visibility with a key accelerator.
Aug 17, 2010
PLEEEZ allow placement of the tab bar below the URL bar. Mac user, still using FireFox as default/primary browser, partly because of this issue... 
Aug 18, 2010
#42 jeremyedmondson
I finally downloaded Chrome again since I first did when it came out.  After playing with it for a while ago then, I uninstalled it.

The thing that is most bothersome to me is the fact that I can't move the tabs below the bar.  

I think I will be uninstalling it again if this isn't made available.  It is a deal breaker for me.

Stop being like Apple and not let people customize things to suit themselves.

I imagine it is a very easy thing to do.

Thank you!
Aug 24, 2010
I m thinking of giving up from chrome because of this. I hate to go up to change my tab.
Aug 25, 2010
i use the Windows 7 taskbar atop everything else, so having tabs next to it, atop the address bar, is a REAL drag. I might need to switch back to Firefox b/c I'm constantly accidentally clicking off the browser.
Aug 25, 2010
For the most part, everybody that I know have Windows taskbar set at its default position, i.e., the bottom. We are used to switching the programs by clicking the various icons at the bottom. And now with Chrome, you have to go all the way up to switch tabs and if you have to switch to a different program, you have to come to the bottom again. This is just increasingly inefficient way. 

Google...please give us the ability to move the Tab Bar to the bottom of the screen!!!
Aug 25, 2010
Does anyone even read these?  Is Chrome still being developed and is there a chance of ever having the ability to move the bar?
Aug 25, 2010
I'm starting to think Google is too busy taking over the planet to read these reports. Bummer...
Aug 27, 2010
An article posted today on Downloadsquad mentions of being able to change tab bar position to vertical by using the soon-to-be launched LABS feature (just like we have in Gmail). It gives me hope that you will be able to customize the tab bar position to bottom perhaps in the near future. Take a look here at the article:
Aug 27, 2010
as one efficiency workaround, one could use ctrl+pgup, ctrl+pgdn, or ctrl+digit to switch between tabs.
i use that in full screen (f11) mode.
Aug 31, 2010
I try to access my tabs more often than my book marks, would at least like an option to move it :)
Aug 31, 2010
I've asked this feature as soon as I've downloaded Chrome.
Sep 2, 2010
This is the only thing keeping me from switching to Chrome. Really suffering from FF lately, but it's harder having to drag the mouse all the way up all the time just to change tabs.
Sep 6, 2010
Hey Chrome Developers!!! we should have the ability to move the tabs below the address bar! otherwise, FireFox 4 will be our next choice!
Sep 6, 2010
this has been up here for four months without even being given a Status or assigned.
Sep 8, 2010
I use Winamp as a docked dropdown from the top of the screen and this conflicts with Chrome tabs. I am sure there are millions of other apps or programs that dock at the top.
Just give us the option. It's not hard.
Sep 9, 2010
I'll add another, "This is the only thing keeping me from switching", comment. I want to use Chrome but this is something that should be optional... come on!
Sep 19, 2010
I want to use Chrome but this is something that should be optional. Sticking with FF for now.
Sep 20, 2010
> I think everyone can agree that options are good as long as it doesn't open the
> potential for a security exploit

Actually, many UI design professionals would disagree. Providing options for everything is explicitly not Chromium's design philosophy (if that's something you look for in a browser Chromium may not be the best browser to suit your needs--no one program can be perfect for everyone).

We have no plans to implement an option to swap the tab bar and omnibox.
Status: WontFix
Sep 20, 2010
> Providing options for everything is explicitly not Chromium's design
> philosophy (if that's something you look for in a browser Chromium may
> not be the best browser to suit your needs--no one program can be
> perfect for everyone).
> We have no plans to implement an option to swap the tab bar and omnibox.

Translation: F*** all y'all.
Sep 20, 2010
Well ok then... So how hard would it be to code the tab bar under the address bar in Chromium? Seems like we're left to fend for ourselves.
Sep 20, 2010
the question could be more than that:
1. should chromium try to provide a customization for the ui that is  
implemented as chrome ui
2. should chromium provide an entirely different ui, and improve the layer  
isolation between ui and app

i'm curious at the apparently conflicting message sent by the  
implementation of side tabs in chrome.

if that is a field trial to choose the best one, i would suggest the same  
of the location bar vs tabs. i don't know whether user study has been  
performed to determine whether it is more intuitive to view that command  
bar as a system input or a tab-specific one, as is implied by its current  
location (but is given the lie by the underneath implementation that  
shares the bar across all tabs).
Sep 20, 2010
Would you mind explaining to the good folks who are beta testing your browser for you why you have no intentions on allowing the tabs to be below the URL field?

You've got Firefox switchers who are used to a certain UI, and you are telling them that this UI is better.  Perhaps you could take a few minutes to explain to the non-UI designers here, a.k.a your userbase, why we should like it better this way?

You've got a great thing going here, but changing the status to WontFix with a really pathetic response doesn't seem to parallel your commitment to open communication and open standards.
Sep 20, 2010
Well, for me there is one simple solution to the problem: If the tab bar 
won't move, I'll stick with Opera. This is a deal breaker for me. Good 
browser Chromium, but no thanks I'll pass on this one.
Sep 20, 2010
Why is it so hard to comprehend that placing the tabs at the top of the screen conflicts with loads of docking programs?
That was a horrible excuse for changing to WontFix. Did you even read the rest of the posts in this issue? Complete strawman argument you have going on there.
Sep 21, 2010
A very disappointing (and somewhat unprofessional) response. 
Is there at least an option to provide the window itself sans-tabs so devs can build another browser around it?
The ideal thing would be for this to be an option that could be implemented as an extension if someone is so inclined to develop one.
I'll stick with Firefox for the time being. 

Sep 21, 2010
It is very sad that an "open" browser is so closed to user ideas. After using Chrome for a couple months, I have had to switch back to Firefox for this and other reasons. I really like Chrome's functionality better, but the few minor issues I have with it are enough to prevent me from using it. I hope these issues can be resolved appropriately.
Sep 21, 2010
When I read the resolution I couldn't believe my eyes - this looks like some kind of a lame April Fools joke.

So Chromium will never support being launched in RDP session, or under vmware, or under any other circumstances when the top of the screen is occupied by some panel.

For me the real problem was always not aesthetic (whether the tabs are above or below address bar), the problem is that when Chrome is full-screen the tabs are *on the title bar*, which is blocked by external panels in many scenarios.

Sep 21, 2010
lol what an explanation.

Firefox>Chrome, thats it.
Sep 21, 2010
When Firefox can catch up to Chrome's performance, I can see returning to it, though I have gotten used to where the tabs are at this point.
Sep 21, 2010
It's not just how far I have to move my mouse to switch tabs, it's also the distraction of moving my eyes across the toolbar display to look above it to read and look for the tab I want to switch to. Sometimes being different (with tabs on tab) is cool but not in this case.
Sep 21, 2010
Is this something that could be added via plugin?
Sep 21, 2010
I'm with brossow comment. That's precisely the sentiment you get from a "resolution" like this.

Sep 21, 2010
>Providing options for everything is explicitly not Chromium's design philosophy

While I would agree with this sentiment if the subject were merely aesthetics, the above user reports should indicate that this issue goes beyond "choices," and delves more into usability and functionality.  If users are hindered when using Chrome due to conflicts with other software, then a choice should be added to allow this change innately.  If that is not possible, then changing this behavior should be allowed via Plugin - which I do not believe is possible at this time, but I could be wrong. 
Sep 22, 2010
I am really disappointed that Google is unwilling to make such a simple change to the UI of its browser.  I don't see why they gave such a lame excuse either. Everyone likes customizability, and something like this should definately not be a security threat to the software.  It sounds to me like they aren't listening to the userbase when designing their software.  If google is just designing things the way they want it and not keeping the end users in mind, then maybe we should all just refuse to use their products. Almost as pathetic as Microsoft..  "WontFix" That status has really turned me against this piece of software..  Lame Google!!!
Sep 23, 2010
Switching between tabs is one of the most common activities during a browsing session.  By having the tabs above the address bar and bookmark bar, I have to move the mouse extra distance every time, resulting in a significant loss of efficiency when changing between tabs.  
Oct 3, 2010
Disappointing. Very disappointing. Didn't they learn anything from all the complaints to the inability to customise IE 7 and 8? If you change something as standard as the layout of the browser you should at least provide the option to customise. Even MS have learned this lesson by now. I should dare say Google is more ahead than MS. Or so I thought.

Anyway it's not just a matter of choices, it's a real problem for many. I think the CBA attitude is rather malplaced here and makes me think Chrome is simply trying to get people used to their layout so as to make it hard for them to return to other browsers *scoffs*
Oct 3, 2010
The tabs up top is the sole reason why I am willing to deal with Firefox over Chrome despite Chrome running much better/faster on my computer.
Oct 3, 2010
Same here.  I'm a software developer myself and I consider the response that we got to be unprofessional and the company's intransigence on this issue to be very disappointing.  I've restricted my use of Chrome now, putting up with FF and trying to like Opera, which is a pretty good browser and is fast.  The worst thing about Opera, to me, is the lack of useful plug-ins.  No adblock (yes I know how to block using its native features), no noscript, no ghostery &etc &etc.

Chromium is open source thus I assumed that non-Google devs were working on it.  If so, I would think that the code tree could be branched and a more flexible version of the app produced.
Oct 4, 2010
Extremely disappointing.
Oct 6, 2010
I use Firefox and Safari and both have the tab for a page at the top of that page.  Different, to be better is good but I don't see how this is better and I keep making errors by clicking on the bookmark bar when I meant to hit the tab.   I like using Chrome but it won't be my only browser.    If I was doing usability testing on this product I would recommend moving the tabs where people expect them.    

Please provide the option for me to move them....frankly I was shocked to find I couldn't do it now.

Oct 7, 2010
Status: won't fix? so we can't add our vote to this? there's no "star" to click here, as suggested elsewhere.
Oct 10, 2010
I've modified firefox to have tabs at the bottom of the browser since I do a lot of switching between tabs and applications. I frequently have 30+ tabs open in firefox and I've used tab mix plus to tailor tabs to my browsing style.

I'm sure implementing the tab design was a lot of work, but the design doesn't consider my needs in a web browsing application.
Oct 30, 2010
I agree tab bar should be at the bottom, no doubt
Nov 1, 2010
I like the tabs-on-top philosophy.... but until I can do it on the majority of other non-chrome applications, this just looks and feels inconsistent.
Nov 2, 2010
This is really unconfortable. Too bad that it isn't "fixed" for so long :/
Nov 2, 2010
You know what...  I signed up for this as soon as I downloaded it but a couple days after using it I don't even notice it any more.
Nov 6, 2010
I'm back to Maxthon for tabs at bottom.
And for Super drag and drop too.
Nov 6, 2010
I dont think they can do it... they dont have the guts to do it :D
Nov 22, 2010
This would be great
Nov 26, 2010
This is how my firefox looks like since v1.5. Back then there wasn't even Stylish! I wait for months before upgrading to major versions if necessary to keep this look, and won't use chrome until I can get it :-)
62.3 KB   View   Download
Dec 3, 2010
I absolutly agree.  I am a fan of the Orca and Avant browsers (except for their speed) because I can put my tabs on the bottom of the screen.
Dec 14, 2010
They should add this feature or at the least make it optional like Firefox 4 seems to be doing.
Dec 19, 2010
I want an option to display the system title bar. That seems to be what many of you want as well, but since the bug description focuses on moving the tab bar, the bug has apparently, sadly, been closed. Google devs should learn to read. Also some manners wouldn't hurt.
Dec 22, 2010
I think this is the most discussed topic about Chrome's UI, and since I am one of them that uninstalled Chrome because of this would like to know if anything has moved in these months.... 7 months.... and just a brutal answer? What's the philosophy around the tab on top? I've read a lot of silly stories about "every tab is a process"... I appreciate that, just show the processes in a most liked way!!! I know developers and power users aren't the "mass" of google users but they are of course the flywheel of the google's word!!
C'mon guys let us say once again: google is great and is working for make our lives better!

Jan 2, 2011
as ridiculous as this sounds, this is the sole reason I will not switch from firefox to chrome
Jan 4, 2011
This needs to be an OPTION. It is not good for the developers to TAKE AWAY options that EVERY OTHER BROWSER allows.
Jan 18, 2011
Sigh.  Chrome works better, but the disconnect I get in my head whenever I have to move my focus away from the tabs is too distracting to ignore.  I'm going to stick with Firefox for the time being, which is a shame.  I thought something as simple and obviously inefficient as this would have been fixed by now, not disregarded with such an insulting message.
Jan 26, 2011
Do I read this correctly? Status: WontFix
I'm not sure that's a good attitude. If enough people want this isn't it worth fixing?
Thank you.
Feb 4, 2011
I cannot stand tabs on top of the address bar and will never use Chrome as long as that's the only option. I don't care for any explanations from Google engineers as to why it's "better" or how it supposedly saves me .00005 inches of moving my mouse pointer, I just want the option to move my tabs below the address bar.  Simple.
Feb 8, 2011
Having the tabs above the address bar looks absolutely ugly. There must at last be an option to change this within a theme.
Feb 10, 2011
"Actually, many UI design professionals would disagree. Providing options for everything is explicitly not Chromium's design philosophy (if that's something you look for in a browser Chromium may not be the best browser to suit your needs--no one program can be perfect for everyone).

We have no plans to implement an option to swap the tab bar and omnibox.

Status: Won't Fix"

Won't Fix => Won't use, thanks for nothing google, way to listen to your customer and user base.

And actually many user would disagree with UI design professionals who think making us move our mouse further to select a tab is an improvement.

Fix it or fail guys its your choice, going back to FF now dispite your faster browser because you don't listen to your users and your user interface is plainly carp.

Feb 18, 2011
Too many people here have never listened to the Stones.  Remember, you can't always get what you want!  I think Chromium is perfect the way it is, although it did take a little while to get used to the different tab position after coming from FF.

Those complaining about problems when using FF inside a VM or via RDP, try using the keyboard shortcuts to switch between tabs if you have something blocking the tab bar. ;-)
Feb 20, 2011
We should be able to choose it. There should be an option to move the tab bellow address bar. This is the only reason I still use Firefox instead of Google-Chrome as my default browser.
Feb 25, 2011
I use Firefox and like the tabs right at the bottom of the top navigational area where I can quickly swap between them.

It is very uncomfortable and wastes time and not being able to see the elements of the tabs quickly and easily because they are at the very top.

This is not intuitive navigation at all.

Just let this be an option (3 options, where they are now, below the address bar, and finally below the book mark bar) and everyone will be happy and stop posting to this thread.


Mar 8, 2011
I completely agree with one of the other user's comments...this is the only thing keeping me from switching to Chrome.
Mar 8, 2011
Actually, now that I think of it...I find it very troublesome to see "Status: Won't Fix"...

If Google won't listen to their customer user base, I don't think I'll switch to an Android phone like I was planning to.
Mar 10, 2011
I too use tabs a lot and having to reach further than necessary is a deal breaker for me. Figured I'd try Chrome again after all the buzz today in the press but don't like the ( BIG BROTHER ), we know best and aren't going to change it even if you ask.
Mar 17, 2011
I have tried using Chrome for awhile but after using Opera for over 12 years I find the location of the tabs and url address bar very inefficient.  Opera allows the user to place all the various screen tools on the screen where the user would like.  Tabs along the bottom of the screen right above the application task bar of Win 7 makes for very easy switching between tabs and apps.  Typically run with about a dozen apps open and 18-24 tabs.  Additionally having the URL address bar immediately above the browser screen keeps it in the center of your vision working area with all other stuff, ie. menus, favorites, panels, etc. outside the periphery of your immediate work space.

Hopefully at some time with Chrome the user will have the option to place these items where an individual would most like them to be, not just screen layout that the programmer liked.
Mar 21, 2011
please provide this option as soon as possible!!
Mar 24, 2011
I hate the tabs at the top.  Sometimes they are covered up by an RDP bar, and ALWAYS they are farther away and require more mouse movement.  I would like the option to move them to the bottom of the screen near where I click to change between my open Windows, and where I have them in Firefox.  Having to move the mouse from the very top of the screen to the very bottom over and over is highly inefficient.  Whatever overpaid "UI design professional" flunkie you hired is laughing all the way to the bank.

I keep installing the newest versions of Chrome hoping they will fix this, and I am disappointed every time.  Now that I see "Status: WontFix", I changed my own status to WontUse.

Mar 27, 2011
Well, Firefox 4 now is comparable to Chrome/Chromium in terms of performance, still has fewer annoyances out of the box by comparison, and despite FF4 being tabs-on-top by default, it has a simple, easy to access checkmark to put the tabs BELOW the address bar where they belong.

So why, exactly, should we be using Chrome or Chromium now?  FF4 is as fast, just as extensible, and it's far more flexible.  

This trend toward inflexible, one-size-fits-all, idiot-proof, dumbed down user interfaces in applications is getting way out of hand in my opinion.

I'm done with Chromium for good.  Until they can give users a little bit of power to turn off the stupid default behavior and fix the counterintuitive, inefficient, poorly designed interface, I don't honestly see any reason to use Chromium over Firefox 4 or Opera.
Mar 31, 2011
I'm glad people bring this up...I have lots of tabs open and you lose the titles for each tab with too many. I miss being able to scroll across the tabs in Firefox. Hope chrome fixes this.
Apr 3, 2011
I was shocked to read all of these comments and find out how Google appears simply unwilling to address this issue:

The current placement of Tabs in Chrome is INEFFICIENT. Simple as that. End of discussion.

This is clearly Google forcing their "Unified OS" upon everyone, there's no other excuse. I would expect this from someone like Apple or Sony, but Google? Any doubt who these supposed true innovators are trying to emulate now?

I'll stick with Firefox and it's endless customization options. I can deal with a 0.2 second longer load time. Good day.
Apr 11, 2011
More omnipotent googleness.  Google you suck a little bit more every day.  Nobody needs a communist web browser.  Between your “we know what is best for you” attitude and the disturbingly ever-present “updater” you will continue to push people away.  Back to Firefox
Apr 18, 2011
The concerns raised here go a lot deeper than just the placement of tabs in the browser.  This is actually not a bug or a design flaw (as evidenced by the weak explanation given - we know Google is capable of far better), but the result of a change in philosophy.  Chrome is most definitely NOT "An open-source browser project to help move the web forward", if user feedback is not taken seriously.

I'm beginning to wonder if the other browsers are not a safer bet. What I mean by 'safer' is that they are probably more likely to keep their noses clean. Google, on the other hand is growing in influence and power, and the way they *could* exercise that power is worrying.

It's a great pity, since we all love Google search and GMail.
Apr 22, 2011
I think the Google heads are getting stuck on "Stupid."   We all spend hours a day on these browsers and even if the egg head brains in Mountain View like a simple, clean, non-changeable look. They are following in the footsteps of Palm (who wouldn't add a second address to their organizer until every competitor had it, and even the early Apple: Steve J wanted a personal appliance, so he hamstring the original MAc OS with a flat filing system and poor connectivity to external drives.  And you could have it in 9 inches B&W or nothing!

This browser limits customization:
- can't move the Tab bar below the bookmarks
- can't move the Home, redraw, back and forward arrows, or the other toolbar icons to opposite sides of the URL
- can't add a zoom/shrink font option in the toolbar (at least that I have found)
- can't add separators in the bookmark menus so that some of us an scan quicker

Google has Microsoft's arrogance: eat WIndows XP and love it, because you can't leave it, and ! pay big bucks for Vistan and Seven.  The arrogance seems to be that 30-somethings at Google like a design their way...  everybody else can eat it.

Fortunately we have browser choices.. I'll check back in a year or two, now I have to spend some time exporting Bookmarks back to FF
May 2, 2011
I read somewhere in a pro-Chrome article that there was a 'logical' reason for having the search bar integrated into each results window, rather than having the search bar independently outside the windows. Sorry... I don't see any logic in this whatsoever, only poor ergonomics. Please put the tabs where they belong: below the tool/search bar. Then I may consider proselytizing on behalf of Chrome rather than other browsers. There's no question Google have nailed the speed - pity it's just so inefficient to use. 
May 3, 2011
I have just changed to Chrome after FF's version 4 looks dreadful. Knew there were some little niggles with Chrome when it first came out but thought these would have been ironed out. Obviously not. I really though Google was about the user. Seems like they are becoming a newer version of Bill Gates. You can have any colour as long as it's red! I want a browser that "I" can customise. Don't put an option of customise browser and then have nothing that really helps. Sorry Google but even I can put up with the new look of FF over this very static Chrome browser. Even the basic bookmark importing has been hell and still doesn't show my bookmarks. When I moved from IE to FF, FF did this without hassle. Google bods, before you go round bigging yourselves up and patting each other on the back, ask the real users what they want from a browser before telling us what we should have! Now then, icon for FF. Welcome back little working fox.....
May 16, 2011
I also feel that you should be able to place the tab bar anywhere you want in the toolbar. I switched back to Firefox for many reasons but this was one of the main reasons but still use Chrome at times. Some one should start a petition or something like that and if its good enough email it to Google. A place for free petitions is . I believe Chrome won't gain as much users since it lacks customizations since that is a big part in computers, browsers and software these days.
May 22, 2011
Chrome has no chance on any of the computers I control until the tabs can be moved down like Firefox 4.x
May 25, 2011
If it's not a big deal, this should be doable.
May 26, 2011
Don't people keep going on about changing browser design to make things easier. 
such as the CRAP google instant. 


so why would putting tabs above the address bar be good? 
Thats an extra 50 - 100 pixels i have to move my mouse each time. 
why? no reason. the designer things it looks cooler

OMFG google. relies thats more moment just to change tabs!!!!!



May 31, 2011
I thought this was latest and greatest in browsers.   I'm used to having tabs below address bar...won't be using Chrome till that's an option.  Firefox went that way in latest, but at least they let user choose.   C'mon GOOG!
May 31, 2011
Down below is the go, but choice is best. Firefox is better for me but Chrome is quicker, so if this is fixed, I'll be happy to use Chrome.

Jun 1, 2011
I've been pretty consistently using chrome for at least a year now and I still can't get used to the tab location. My problem isn't with any external apps, but rather I always have my screen in windowed mode so I can easily move the window around to look at other things. Unfortunately, sometimes when I try to move the window around, since there's so little space between the top and the tabs, I often end up grabbing a tab instead of moving the window. It's really irritating and I end up using other browsers to take a break.
Jun 6, 2011
Oh for eff sakes, even IE 9 has that option, get it together chrome!
Jun 12, 2011
I would really appreciate being able to have the tabs at the bottom.  It's hard on the hand to have to move the mouse to the top of the screen constantly.  I'm moving over from Firefox because of constant crashes and so far I like Chrome except for this problem.  I wish I could at least find an extension to let me move the tabs down.
Jun 13, 2011
I have 2 screens and my multi screen buttons are not usable in Chrome as they are hidden by the tabs at the top of the screen.
It's a basic requirement nowadays to allow each user their preference of where to put the tabs.

Come on Google - sort it out.
Jun 17, 2011
Chrome, you idiots, wake up.  How much feedback do you need before it sinks in?  Put the F***ing OPTION THERE!
Jun 22, 2011
Dear Chrome,

Please reconsider this issue.

Yours truly,
The Internet
Jun 22, 2011
I was looking to switch to Chrome, though I have been using Firefox for over 10 years. I'm simply fed up with the FF developers ignoring what is best for the end user (in this particular case, releasing a new version that breaks addons every 3 months counts as that).

Then I see that you refuse to put in support for one of the most basic UI customization features.. It just so happens that I spend quite a lot of time working with usability at my job, and I can promise you that whatever "professionals" you have spoken to are wrong.

If you have any actual research to back the, frankly outrageous, claim that it's better for the user to have to move his mouse further (past things he uses less often), then I would like to see it. I'm sure the rest of my department at the university would too, because it does not exist.

Sorry, the Firefox developers might be tossers with their release schedule, but at least they don't refuse to implement one of the most basic browser OPTIONS (nobody's asking for this to be default, which makes your decision even more ignorant).
Bye Chrome, I will reconsider when you have proven that your developers can actually develop for users and not just for themselves.
Jun 23, 2011
I too am in the same crowd with those that want the tab bars moved because they are ANNOYING in remote desktop.  The remote desktop panel pinned or unpinned covers up the tabs every time you are trying to switch tabs, and that cannot be customized.  Please consider putting an option to move the tabs below the address bar.
Jun 24, 2011
Why this issue wouldn't be added is amazing.  How difficult could it be to allow the user to move the tabs?

I just downloaded Chrome on my PC because I am interested in the Chromebooks.

Already don't like it because I cannot move the tabs below the address bar.  The first thing I searched on after Chrome started up was "how to move tabs below address bar."

Guess i won't be looking in to buying a chromebook for now because of this omitted option.
Jun 27, 2011
I'm trying chrome for the first time due to memory bloat in firefox and safari.  Chrome seems ok, but having the tabs at the top is inefficient.  I switch tabs way more often during the day than choosing bookmarks.  I REALLY want tabs below the bookmarks somehow.

But as I read elsewhere, Google engineers believe tabs at the top are best because each tab is a separate browser.  So from an engineering viewpoint, tabs at top are best.  But hey, the rest of us want an easy-to-use browser!  I'll keeping trying Chrome for awhile, but I may end up buying more memory and switching back to Safari or FireFox.  When I use a browser ALL DAY LONG the usability aspects are critical.
Jun 30, 2011
Are you kidding me with this sh@t!  This is the only reason that I have to keep going back to firefox, this stupid sh@t forcing the tabs above the menu...its unnatural and illogical and annoying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jul 1, 2011
PLEASE, let me change the Tabs location.
I really prefere them under the address field.
Jul 1, 2011
So I'm an android phone user. One day Google (read: google, not manufacturer) changed the volume options on the volume rocker to no longer include silent & vibrate modes. You have to go into settings and turn off vibrate mode if you want silent. That's about 6 extra clicks (and on a moto droid, it takes time cause it's slow). They got a bug list quite like this one, with hundreds of requests to at least have the option. Google proudly proclaimed: wontfix. And they never did.

Then Google had a brilliant idea that the notification LED should turn off when the screen is on. It didn't really affect battery life, so i'm not sure why they chose to do that. But I'll tell you the net effect: When my phone is on the media dock the full-screen clock comes up, and the LED turns off, so I can't tell if I have messages. A phone that doesn't tell you when you've got communication. Google's response? Working as intended. Reread this sentence: A phone that does not tell you when you've got communication. I've got a rock that does this already. What I wanted was a phone.

So Then I download chrome, and I can't use the tabs because RDP dock covers the tabs. I see a won'tfix status, and I think to myself, silly user, learn your f*ing lesson the first time. It's google's way or the highway.

I'm back to opera, for better or for worse. And my next phone? Not android. And my next email account? Perhaps hotmail- before they take away an important feature like "send email" because "you didn't need it, we know better."
Jul 3, 2011
I think Google's refusal to at least provide their users options to customize their own browsing experience is going to loose them a lot of users. On the other hand, is it not possible for someone to create an addon to move the tab bar location?
Jul 3, 2011
I think Google's refusal to at least provide their users options to customize their own browsing experience is going to loose them a lot of users. On the other hand, is it not possible for someone to create an addon to move the tab bar location? The reason I moved from IE to FF so many year ago was customizability, Google wont win my vote with a dictatorship over my UI.

Jul 3, 2011
I think Google's refusal to at least provide their users options to customize their own browsing experience is going to loose them a lot of users. On the other hand, is it not possible for someone to create an addon to move the tab bar location? The reason I moved from IE to FF so many year ago was customizability, Google wont win my vote with a dictatorship over my UI.

Jul 3, 2011
I think Google's refusal to at least provide their users options to customize their own browsing experience is going to loose them a lot of users. On the other hand, is it not possible for someone to create an addon to move the tab bar location? The reason I moved from IE to FF so many year ago was customizability, Google wont win my vote with a dictatorship over my UI.

Jul 4, 2011
This is the only reason I am unwilling to fully commit to Chrome.  Firefox has completely messed up a ton of their extensions in their last few updates, so I am looking for an alternative, but if they fix those bugs before you guys make this change, I'm back on Firefox.  Chrome is not fast enough to compensate for the lack of personalization --> Dock works best at the top, my internet browser shouldn't be so rigid that I have to 'deal' with the tab location.

Other than that, love the browser.  But if this change isn't made soon, I fear I may be a goner..  :-/
Jul 6, 2011
I can only second the previous poster's comment, one would expect a little bit more dedication from Goggle regarding that matter.
Jul 7, 2011
Tab bar needs to be below Address Bar.  It's foolish to have it on top, as it is foolish to have Chrome open minimized.
Jul 16, 2011
Please add the option to place tabs below address bar and bookmarks, until then I'll stick with Fx.
Jul 16, 2011
I sat down to change over to Chrome tonight. I was able to fix most of my usability issues with Chrome via plugins. But not this issue. The Status of WontFix makes this a no-brainer. Back to Firefox.
Jul 22, 2011
Until this is fixed, I will only use chrome for a second gmail login. Why has this not been done yet? People have been asking for it for over a year. It's not a big job to do.

Tabs directly above the browsing area makes it that much easier to use them - the address bar in between feels like an unnatural interruption, which greatly diminishes the browsing experience.

If you want Chrome to compete with the big boys (FF and IE), then you need to listen to your users regarding small, easily done feature requests.
Jul 23, 2011
beyond me why this even a issue just allow ppl to put the dam tab bar where they want
what reaaly bugs me is the way the Google tries do do the apple & dictate to me how i should want the ui layed out

Aug 1, 2011
This is important. Firefox has moved them to a counterintuitive location now, but still has an option t put them in the proper place - chrome has none.
Aug 2, 2011
I will stay with the outdated/unsupported Crazy Browser until this is done.
Aug 5, 2011
I think you will fix this eventually. So better do it early.
Aug 5, 2011
please implement it google! the only thing that kept me from making chrome my default browser!
Aug 11, 2011
i would also like this feature added
Aug 18, 2011
#160 naked.hobbit
I quit using Chrome over a year ago because the features they provided were useless to a power user like me.  I'm an Engineer, I don't care how pretty it looks, I need real-estate not another side-bar to cover the screen with Amazon advertising.

So I learned Firefox and have become quite happy with it.

Today I thought I'd give Chromeplus a try and sure enough, Google is dictating how we should use it.  To me, the tabs are out of place My eyes don't naturally look to the top of the screen to change pages I'm gazing at, in the middle of the screen.

Bye Bye Chrome and google.

 Fredrick, you are right, turning off that tiny notification LED on the Android phone, when the screen comes on, or after 5 minutes, has got to be the best example of a thoughtless decision made by a communications company (Google said years ago they didn't want to get into the phone business) that's now in the phone business. 

I'm still looking for an app to fix their dumb ideas.

Aug 19, 2011
Firefox moved the tab bar to the top some versions ago but you still have the chance to put it back to it's normal place.
I almost switched to Chrome today. But this is one of the most important issue for me.
Correct it and don't be an apple-like "it's good that way just because" company.
It's just a frakin checkbox in the preferences pane. Why not do it then?

Aug 21, 2011
Agree - its a bit annoying that you can't move around tabs and toolbars as you please. Just started using chrome and find it quite good otherwise. Seems to be less heavy on CPU...
Aug 21, 2011
most stupid thing in chrome.....
Aug 22, 2011
Common, don't be evil...
Fix this asap as the current tab location limits the browsers usability.
Aug 24, 2011
Yes please add this feature to move it below the URL location.. This is a pain to switch tabs when in full-screen remote desktop connection with another computer..
Aug 27, 2011
When doing quick admin jobs, using 2 monitors and remote computers, and you need to move browsers around fast from monitor to monitor, I always click on the open tabs instead clicking on Chrome it self in order to drag em from a monitor to a monitor,
Cannot stand those tabs above my address bar, that's the only reason I still use Firefox
Aug 29, 2011
IT is definetely a design defficiency. In my work I have to keep several small monitoring tools opened, across my three desktops, and those have been designed to be reduce to a few pixels, so that you can keep them in the top of the screen without interfering with the rest of the programs, as they will all have the HEADER clean. With Chrome, it gets difficult, as that top section are the actual tabs. That is the only reason I still have to stick to firefox. 
Sep 1, 2011
I use a virtual desktop application on Windows and have it at the top of my window space. Chrome is obnoxious because the tabs end up being under the areas to click to change my desktop. 

I have no intention of changing this and this prevents me from using Chrome more than I do.
Sep 1, 2011
Please add this feature to one of the next releases. This would make having other 'top of the screen' apps much easier to use with Chrome.

Make use proud Chrome! :)
Sep 7, 2011
Major design flaw. This is a dealbreaker for me.
Sep 7, 2011
I don't think the requesters here are asking for a ton of bloat. To me, this appears like a very simple request to either permanently move the tabs down, or allow the user the choice of several locations. I would love the ability to have a print icon too, but at the least I want the tab located down below the bookmark links. I also believe that people shouldn't take no from Google as an answer. They should keep posting the request. At some point, Google will finally take notice... Hopefully.
Sep 14, 2011
Just please give us a choice.
Sep 22, 2011
I'd like to be able to move my tabs to below the bookmarks bar.  It means I have to move my mouse less and it is a feature I have gotten used to in other browsers.  
Sep 24, 2011
I Can Assure I Will Remain A Firefox User Til Google Gets Off Its Duff & Tries To Accommodate Its Users.
Sep 27, 2011
One more voice for the tabs to be able to be moved below the address bar and the bookmarks bar. If you can code in an experimental flag to put the tabs on the side, you can do it easily for other locations within the window. I don't care what "design professionals" say, breaking years of muscle memory and user habit, IS NOT "improvement".
Oct 1, 2011
Agree, need the space due to Remote Desktop. Will stick with Fx for now. I could settle with a simple option to add some empty space in the top to push the tabs down. 
Oct 2, 2011
I've had enough of Firefox, it's getting bulkier, slower, and most of the extensions stop working with every update.

Tried Chromium today, very nice, except for this. My eyes naturally go to the top of the page, not past my Bookmarks bar, past the URL bar, to the top of the window). 

This feature (or at least lack of option to move the Tab bar to a more sensible place) is a deal breaker for me. Will keep looking for a new browser instead. 

Hopefully this can get fixed one day.. apart from this one annoyance, Chromium seems like a great browser.
Oct 6, 2011
Seems silly to ignore the 177 people (so far) that have actually bothered not only to find this thread but to comment as well (how many more didn't bother) 

It would be an easy thing to add.. 
Oct 7, 2011
The inability to move tabs below the address bar is a deal breaker for me to move to Chrome. Firefox is getting bloated, slow and buggy and I'm looking for another browser. Looks like it's back to Internet Exploder for me.
Oct 8, 2011
For screen customization give Opera a try.  Been using it for 12 years, it's not perfect but is pretty damn good.  Tab can be located top, btm, left or right.  I have had the tabs along the bottom of the screen right above the application ribbon.  It's very natural for switching between tabs and apps.  Wanted to give Chrome a try but this was a deal breaker.
Oct 9, 2011
Dear Google,

What I don't understand is why you felt it was logical or otherwise necessary to move the tabs bar to the top of the window in the first place. In my view, it is not logical to place the tabs above the bookmarks bar. From a heirarchical point of view this makes no sense as the bookmarks are not part of the page located on the current tab, they refer to multiple other pages. For me, it is this which causes the greatest confusion from a UI perspective as this layout is therefore counter-intuitive, i.e. the tabs bar is not where we would naturally expect it to be.

It is not a question of having been "brainwashed by other browsers for the past 5-10 years in regard to tab
location" as one other poster put it, although this is partially accurate, it is more that we have grown accustomed to looking for it where it is supposed to be! Why go against established UI practice in the first place when there is no logical justification for it!

Anyway, a long winded way of adding my voice towards the call for the option to be provided in Chrome for tabs to be located at least below the bookmarks bar. Firefox already has this as an option! I am considering using chrome but like other posters will be sticking to FF and Safari unless this issue is addressed.
Oct 10, 2011
Moving the tab to the top of the page is the same idiotic "improvement" as Fire Fox ha done.   But Fire Fox provide an option to move it back.

It seems that too many programmers and manager when they have no idea of how to improve a product, just move things around randomly.      It is not that tabs just above the browsing window are "better: than on the top.  Would make no difference, except that:

1.Many people got used to have it in one place, and there is NO reason to move it. 
2.  I use several browsers,  I'd like to have my UIs reasonably consistent!!

Same thing applies to some standard icons lie" Reload  (and why has Stop) disappeared?!  -many pages keep loading crap forever, and an ability to Stop is nice in other browsers -and would be even better if it worked every time...)

Why the GoTo icon disappeared. Now when I paste an address I have to move my hand from the mouse to CR.    Inconvenient.     FireFox already has shown the way:  When entering the address, the Star icon for bookmarking change to Load/Goto.   
Why can't Chrome learn and use what's good?!!  

Don't make things worse, jut to be different!!  

In the same vein:   
  FF established a standard for ctrl-F to open a search toolbar at the bottom.  Why the Chromies felt that it's an improvement to move it elsewhere!
Oct 10, 2011
Am in total agreement with all aforementioned reasons why CH should allow its users to move their tabs below the URL location.  
Oct 12, 2011
What means "Status: WontFix"? It means the issue will never be resolved?

Is this is the case, I'll uninstall Chrome right now. Tabs and Find in the upper makes the browser useless for me. I'll stick with Firefox despite how slow and buggy is.

How to spoil a great product with a nonsense "feature"? Ask Google.
Oct 12, 2011

Chrome Version 14.0.835.202  Yes, it is up-to-date and installed on this machine, but it is never (except now) used and won't be until this BUG is fixed. I'll keep checking. I very much like Google and have been using may of their excellent products from early on. However, the developers of Chrome seem to have an unfriendly attitude. I think it was stupid of Firefox off upto the top but they had the good sense to make it optional. I consider the tabs to be most used toolbar and I want it close to where I am looking and working. The thing that has made Firefox a winner is the wonderful collection of extension and the flexibility of UI configuration. Similar could be said of the other Google products except this dud.
Oct 14, 2011
I see a fork in this products future. Chrome devs: there are 100+ users here over-ruling your UI designers, give them the option.
Oct 18, 2011
Commenting on this bug has absolutely no effect at all on the likelihood that we are going to reconsider.  So that people don't get their hopes up falsely, I'm locking this bug to additional comments.
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Oct 18, 2011
One more note here for the benefit of Slashdot (hi!) and anyone else who's not clear on this issue or how our bug tracker works.

We made the decision not to make this configurable long, long ago, even before we WontFixed this bug in comment 59 (over a year ago itself).  Accordingly the bug is closed because that reflects not only our current stance but the position we've had for a very long time.

This does not mean either that we will never listen to user feedback, or that we used to be listening on this bug but decided to stop.  The issue is that our bug tracker is specifically about tracking what we consider to be bugs, not a general forum for feedback and debate on our design decisions.  That means that in general (this bug included), we can and will decide not to address particular requests, and when we do, commenting on the closed bug is not going to make us change our minds.  On the contrary, we will not hesitate to lock things down in the bug tracker precisely to prevent things from spiraling out of control or misleading people into sharing their feedback here instead of where it's helpful

We have other venues such as the chromium-discuss mailing list and our feedback forums where it is appropriate to share your opinions.  The forums are a place where we are set up to track user feedback and surface the most critical issues to the team without impacting the productivity of us developers who are busy trying to make Chrome work better.

We don't promise we'll change our minds, but we're not hostile to you expressing your point of view.  This is just not the correct forum to do so.
Mar 10, 2013
(No comment was entered for this change.)
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