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Issue 131844: PolicyService needs to become a ProfileKeyedService
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Project Member Reported by, Jun 8, 2012
Services should be moved out of the Profile class and made into Factory-controlled ProfileKeyedServices. This is part of the effort to refactor Profiles to be more lightweight and modular, and will allow for exact control of the order of shutdown and startup of services.

Here's a doc which may be helpful in getting started:

Please reassign to the appropriate person if it is not yourself.
Jun 8, 2012
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Labels: Feature-Enterprise
Jun 8, 2012
This isn't a trivial change because the PrefService depends on the PolicyService, and it would have to become a ProfileKeyedService itself too.
Jun 8, 2012
Which is why we're blocked on issue 131843 :)
Jun 11, 2012
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Blockedon: -chromium:131843 131843
Mar 10, 2013
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Labels: -Area-UI -Feature-Profiles -Feature-Enterprise Cr-UI Cr-UI-Browser-Profiles Cr-Enterprise
Blockedon: -chromium:131843 chromium:131843
Oct 8, 2014
I see that PrefService was moved to //base/prefs.

Is there still any reason for the factories to inherit from BrowserContextKeyedBaseFactory instead of BrowserContextKeyedServiceFactory? I don't think we can turn PrefService into a KeyedService, but since it is now in base, I don't know if the comment about a dependency on PolicyService is relevant or not.

Impacted files:

Oct 8, 2014
The PrefService instances in chrome/ still depend on PolicyService, deriving from BrowserContextKeyedBaseFactory allows them the implement non-standard lifetime management so they can outlive PrefService.
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