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Issue 103180: IAccessibleText word boundaries should be in sync with OS or WebKit word boundaries
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Project Member Reported by, Nov 6, 2011
IAccessibleText has functions to retrieve the word that a cursor position is contained in. Right now we have our own limited implementation of this, but we should be getting the word breaks from the operating system (in views/accessibility/native_view_accessibility_win) and from WebKit (in content/browser/accessibility/browser_accessibility_win). Otherwise pressing Ctrl+Right or Ctrl+Left to move to the next or previous word won't move by the same amount that the screen reader describes.

Nov 6, 2011
Windows 7 x86
17.0.931.0 canary
NVDA 2011.3-4762

When going to next/previous word with CTRL+LEFT/RIGHT, the entire contents of omnibox is reported, but when selecting  by word with CTRL+SHIFT+LEFT/RIGHT all is fine.
Nov 7, 2011
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Mar 10, 2013
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Labels: -Feature-Accessibility Cr-UI-Accessibility
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