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As of July 2012, the development of Choosel has been discontinued

Choosel is an extensible, modular GWT framework for web-based visualizations that are composed of multiple views. It is available under the Apache License 2.0. There are three main use cases for Choosel:

  • (Domain-specific) visual data exploration workbenches (example) that empower domain experts to visually explore, analyze and understand data from their domain. For example, Bio-Mixer helps biomedical researchers in exploring bio-medical ontologies and in understanding how concepts from different ontologies are related.
  • Interactive infographics and telling stories with data (example) using multiple coordinated views. For example, users can explore earthquakes with more then 1,000 casualties since 1900 in our example visualization.
  • (Application-specific) data visualization in GWT applications can leverage Choosel visualization components and view coordination features. Protovis-GWT (examples), a sub-project, can be used to create custom visualizations when more flexibility is required.

For more information on Choosel, please look at the presentation below, at our wiki and at For updates on Choosel, please follow us on Twitter or Facebook.

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