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Build 168 - 2007-05-14

new features:
    - new config page layout.. much easier now, i think.
    - allow for fetching and conversion of FLV google video.
    - can now get google video searches as sources.
    - expand/collapse for playlist items.
    - now supports MP3s in local dirs
    - dir provider now has a "rec" type which will recurse the dir looking for videos.

bug fixes and minor enhancements:

    - general cleanup
    - clarify the operation of the google video provider.. it no longer depends on the web feed provider.
    - no longer reloading the entire set of playlists for most opperations.
    - fix for movies restarted when overlay closes.
    - allow users to configure virtual hosts for jetty in config file.
    - home url wasn't working for google stuff...
    - try catch to make things break a little less in safari.
    - fix for bad sumbit in add playlist and add source form elements.
    - movie util will make a second try at failed conversions with a default sampling rate.
    - some better logging
    - allow provider the opportunity to clean up it's cruft after download is complete.
    - allow adding dirs as sources with bookmarklet when your page is like file:///dir/dir/dir
    - cache needs to expire.... whoops!
    - update wiki

Build 140 - 2007-04-20

new features:

    - You can now grab videos by video id, and by user.
    - now use MPEG4 instead of H264
    - added about page
    - you can now digg and any page from inside the cast cluster overlay
    - you can gmail a page from in CastCluster.
    - host, port and context path are all now configurable.
    - new icon action that jumps the user to the source video's web page.

bug fixes and minor enhancements:

    - hide/show video playbox divs so they don't poke through the overlay.
    - some cleanup and UI tweaks
    - force encoding of feed to UTF-8
    - removed the fade effect, it was just annoying me.
    - better placement of overlay close button
    - bookmarklet is smarter now, doesn't keep injecting new versions of script into the same page for each use.
    - can dismiss bookmarklet by clicking on transparency
    - switch to jsp for injection script..
    - fix for config being broken for first time users.
    - add some color on demand to the editor pane.
    - make the console a little larger.
    - simplify configuration... we don't need XML for everything.
    - default empty descriptions to playlist name
    - new icons for playlist actions
    - google provider works on non .com site (e.g.
    - new animated loading gif, including small version for adding items to playlist in bookmarklet.

Before 118 - 2007-04-14:

sorry.. wasn't really keeping track.. let's just say, EVERYTHING.

<!-- svn log --incremental -r HEAD:118 -->

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