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Grails application used to calculate carbon use for organisations.

The full documentation for the commercially running system is available at

Intended for organisations that require some reporting on carbon use by constituents. Could also be used by individual organisations that require a system to record carbon use of business units.

Each sub-organisation registers and answers a questionnaire. The questionnaire which is configurable using the admin area, leads the sub-organisation through calculating carbon use. The sub-organisation then can use this to report to the parent organisation who in turn reports to their administrative body. The application could also be used for tracking changes in carbon use over time and as an educational tool so as to encourage a reduction in carbon generation through better sharing of ideas for efficiency.

To get started you will need to:

  1. download the sources
  2. change datasource.groovy to point to a local database. This has been tested on postgres.
  3. change bootstrap.groovy to create a default web-application user
  4. download and install grails
  5. do "grails run-app"

Either use the administration area to change the types, questions etc. It currently gets CO2-e values from the Australian Government Greenhouse

to run this on your own web-server:

  1. enter "grails war".
  2. dump and import the database created when getting started
  3. deploy the generated web application

You will probably want to create a new web-site.

The admin area will be located in http://

/<your webapp>/admin/

There is more documentation in the admin area.

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