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Brass 3

A plugin-driven assembler that can easily be extended to support other platforms, output formats or add new time-saving directives or functions.

It has been developed in C#3 (targetting .NET 2.0) and should be easy to modify for your own needs. Using the scripting plugin you can add directives and functions straight to your project; more complex additions can be developed in any .NET-targetting language you choose.

Bundled Plugins

  • Brass Core Plugins (Core.dll)
  • Z80 Assembler (Z80.dll)
  • Chip-8/SCHIP Assembler (Chip8.dll)
  • Texas Instruments Calculator Plugins (TiCalc.dll)
  • Sega 8-bit Plugins (Sega.dll)
  • Scripting (Scripting.dll)
  • Legacy Plugin Collection (Legacy.dll)
  • Variable Allocation Plugin (Variables.dll)
  • Image Manipulation (ImageManipulation.dll)
  • PindurTI Debugger (PindurTI Debugger.exe)
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