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A simple online Chess clock with Normal, Fischer, Simple Delay and Bronstein modes.

It runs entirely in your browser using trivial Javascript to try to ensure as much browser compatibility as possible. (& it is fully Open Source!)


  • Normal: specify a start time
  • Fischer: additionally specify a number of seconds to be added before or after each move
  • Bronstein: the amount of time the player takes is added to their clock at the end of their move up to a limit you set
  • Simple Delay: every move the clock waits a certain number of seconds before starting.
  • Random Fischer: adds a random amount of time before or after each move

To try the latest version directly in your browser, click here:

"I would like to say you’ve made a really great online chess clock, probably the best so far as I've done some intense searching and can't find any better yet." - Brandon, March 2010

See SupportedBrowsers for a list of tested browsers; please help by commenting on that page with your experiences in any browsers not listed.

If you have any problems or feature requests please report them using the "Issues" link above. Any general comments, please email james -at- jarofgreen -dot- co -dot- uk

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