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Bitumen framework is a collection of lightweight libraries to develop web applications in Clojure on the JVM.


Library Description Java? Clojure? Source/ Docs Stable Version Maven2 Repo
Jettify Simple wrapper to easily embed the Jetty servlet container Yes Yes 0.2 Java, Clojure
Taimen Minimalistic REST-compatible web routing library Yes Yes (stalled) (stalled)
Clj-MiscUtil Clojure functions for assorted/miscellaneous tasks Yes 0.3
OSS-JDBC Marker project to pull in Open Source JDBC drivers as Maven dependencies Yes Yes 0.6
Clj-DBCP Java-6/Clojure wrapper for Apache DBCP - Database connection pooling Yes 0.6
Clj-DBSpec Common Clojure Database configuration spec Yes 0.3
Clj-Liquibase Clojure DSL/Wrapper for Liquibase: - Database migrations Yes 0.3
Lein-LB Leiningen plugin for Clj-Liquibase Yes 0.3
Fountain-JDBC Clojure wrapper for Spring-JDBC Yes 0.2
SQLRat Clojure library for accessing relational databases Yes 0.2
Clj-StringTemplate Clojure wrapper for StringTemplate Java library Yes 0.2


Library Description Source Stable Version Download
Bituf-Handbook The Bitumen Framework Handbook - Developer's guide for this project 0.1

Example Applications

Application Description Java? Clojure? Source Repo
Lilliput Tiny personal blog application written using Hibernate, Taimen and StringTemplate Yes
Lilliput-Clj Clojure version of Lilliput using SQLRat, Taimen and StringTemplate Yes (planned)
HelloDolly HelloWorld application to demonstrate how Taimen can be integrated with view technologies e.g. StringTemplate, Freemarker, JSP, Velocity etc Yes


Project Description Java? Clojure? Source Repo Stable Version Maven2 Repo
Blogjure Clojure version of Lilliput (does not use Bitumen framework) Yes
Clj-ArgUtil Common functions for dealing with internal and external arguments (superseded by Clj-MiscUtil) Yes 0.1

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