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Beagle Board Diagnostic Tools and Procedure
Updated Jul 27, 2011

BeagleBoard validation software and diagnostic procedure is documented in the below listed links, kindly refer to the appropriate page based on the revision you have.

Comment by, Jul 2, 2010

For rev C4 boards it seems you should use BeagleboardRevCValidationv3 not the page listed above.

Comment by, Oct 7, 2010

I have got beagleboard-C3 from texus instruments , I need to validate it using a tool called Validation assistant from KOZIO. The problem is they provided two images for booting which I need to insert in SD card and need to boot up, but when I inserted both images(kDianostics.bin and MLO) in SD card and after inserting the SD card into beagle's SD slot , after reset I need to get some message or something in the terminal but I am not getting anything so if anyone worked on beagleboard then please let me know the procedure.And if any other procedure then please let me know.

Comment by, Nov 11, 2010

I have got beagleboard-xM A3. Where I can download kernel source code?

Comment by, Aug 22, 2011

I have a beagleboard-xM revision B. I accidentally formatted the sd card provided with the board with the steps for other BBoard versions. What do i do now? Where can i get the original BB-xM rev B files like uboot.bin/normal.scr etc whichever are required?

Thanks in advance..

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